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Shopify Or Spotify: When Standing At The Crossroad

Just having fun posting for similarity reason. It is clear that Shopify and Spotify sound much alike_ even a wrongly typed URL can lead an inquisitive seeker to either of the websites.

What is Shopify?
Shopify is a place for anyone interested in online store to start making his or her internet dreams come true. It is an ecommerce platform with a difference though similar in part to Woocommerce and the rest.

It doesn't matter what one wants to sell or where the local store is located, with a token invested, Shopify turns any product into a mouthwatering one.

Shopify has partnered with twitter. Which means your Shopify store and your twitter account are both market place and every follower on your twitter account might possibly become your customer. Once your Shopify store has been integrated to Twitter, twitter will automatically be creating buy button for any of your Shopify goods tweeted, making it easy for anyone to buy your product without getting to your Shopify store.

What is Spot…

Mediavine Quality Ads For Publishers

One of the effective low-key advertising networks that prioritize publishers' interest is  Mediavine Publisher Network. How am I certain of this claim? Let's just say that 60% faith in me votes for Mediavine in terms of serving quality and unbiased ads; come to think of it, which other advertising network has ever asked you the following questions:-

"Are bad ads ruining your site? Sick of mobile redirects, belly fat ads and advertisements that go against your brand message?"

Based on the descriptions on the homepage of the website, Mediavine Publisher Network has been in the game since 2004, a whole 12 years (this must truly be a low-key advertising network).

Mediavine Publisher Network has a standing ad placement policy of 5 ad maximum per page because the lesser the ads within the viewed spots, the faster the load times for the page, the higher the search ranking, the better the CPM, the higher the revenue.

The advert images below are examples of the ads served by Medi…

Propellerads: Skyrocketing CPM For West African Traffic

This article is to truthfully share my ten-day experience with as a publisher. I have a low traffic blog (I don't think the blog's name is necessary here) which not only couldn't get AdSense approval but was also rejected by Adsoid; so I decided to give it a try with Propellerads.

From the publisher angle, PropellerAds is an instant approval internet advertising company that offers multi-channel advertising solutions for display, desktop, video, mobile, and in-app. As of now, the most flexible monetization solution on Propellerads is the Native Direct Ads.

Propellerads came into existence in 2011, with the aim of fulfilling the dreams of both publishers and advertisers without the barrier of whether some websites are big while others are small.

After I've realized that many other web owners and bloggers are using it, I signed up for Propeller ads. I placed one banner ad, one leaderboard ad and onclick (popunder) on my blog for ten days.
It became clear tha…

Pulsepoint: If You Need An Ad Exchange

From the demand point of view, Pulsepoint functions as follow:

1. Direct integration for those with ORTB 2.X bidder.

2. Those without a bidder do buy via the DSP partners that Pulsepoint works with. As at the moment of this written article, Pulsepoint is plugged into 50+ DSPs globally and BidSwitch which has a growing number of DSPs connected.

To be confident of what we're dealing with here, Pulsepoint is an ad exchange network with offices in San Francisco and London plus three data centers in US and Amsterdam to cover auctions globally.

1) Pulsepoint has  80% of all impressions sent to auction contextualized on page level

2) When it comes to display on Mobile Web, Mobile Optimized, Video instream and outstream, in-app traffic global targeting; one has to be rest assured that Pulsepoint is good for it.

3) Pulsepoint proudly has 4 Billion impressions sent to auction daily both in matched and unmatched traffic to complement its Deal IDs (viewability, e-mail, contextual targeting)

4) Pulse…

10 Commandments Of Ads Placement

This witty but meaningful 10 commandments of ads placement can be a guide for any webmaster or web owner regardless of whether pro or rookie, whether AdSense or Taboola, whether In-Text Ads or Technorati; none can be above it.

1) Honour thy viewers and customers with relevant ads and so your income funnel shall be full in this internet nirvana.

2) Thou shall not steal from your viewers and customers via unclarified in-text ad links or affiliate buttons; your web viewers hate to be deceived.

3) Thou shall not kill your web or blog contents with suffocating or aggressive ad codes such as front-door interstitial, recurring popups, sixty seconds light-box that has no exit door; etc. Most web surfers are impatient for such.

4) Thou shall not commit ads-ultery by marrying varying ads networks to a single webpage on your attractive website or blog. Be careful with AdSense alternatives.

5) Obedience is better than sacrifice. 728x90 leaderboard ad size must be the one to sit under your post title w…


None I have seen soul deny the sweetness
The sweetness planted in this fairy facility
The ukuse; the yorubas call you sèkèrè

The beautifully beautified calabash with beads
The Igbo women make soprano and treble and bass
Off you; the dried fruit of African tree.

Ebony skin, slim neck of a modeling being.
Your basket buttocks wear your beads well
Your melody anywhere conjugates hearts dancing

Ukuse, can I denote your mystic rhythms?
No wonder every passing constellation
I'm drunk in love with originality in you

The Agbor dancers fell for your spells too
And so am I whenever your tones crawl into my nostrils
Please, where are those Edo-Delta women's wing

To beat me ukuse
To burn my calories
In dancing?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


An Isolation is a vulnerability
An isolated pawn is a doom
As backwardness is a weakness
So a backward pawn_ an enemy target.

Living a doubled life is so marring
That's why the doubled pawns
Of any being build up ill feelings.

To you my cronies it is true
A promising passage is a cream

A passed pawn is a player's dream
Please, give me the room to face it
Both In frankness and in wit:
Chess in life of a being is inseparable.

The wise hearts open theirs to chess lessons
The shallow hearts trudge through thorns
Of a life with no acumen of chess within.

Oh human beings of mortal living!
Game of chess is thy guardian angels.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


Foolishness in them call me disabled
Not knowing I'm combustible
I keep exploding
Bouncing by flying high
They keep looking down on my strives
I keep looking up high
I'm samueldpoetry
The pyramid up there so high

The Leo with wings in the sky flying
In three-four-five artery and vein
Oh foes! When will thou quit trying
In vain castigating
Publicly berating again and again

You keep cooking your crisis
I keep casting fortune dice
Blinding your cynic eyes
Once upon a time
All friendly eyes are nigh
Wining and dining
Such is life of human beings
Once you start to make macaroni
Foes start to turn into cronies

Until there's nothing to put in the microwave
One-by-one the cronies wave goodbye
Every night I sit in my bathing sink
To do nothing but think about this
Lying mundane
I always sing:
O, I don't know why
All they want from me is cry
The more money we come across
The more problems we see.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


This many-in-one article should definitely be of usefulness to those aim to have a higher score in Literature-in-English examinations.

(Analysis 1)
Gbemisola Adeoti And Hard Lines

In this post, tends to speak of the writing style of Gbemisola Adeoti, using the poem “Hard Lines” as a yardstick.

It is now evident that Gbemisola Adeoti is a poet of justice. Most of his poems, not excluding Hard Lines, are always nailing the matter of injustice in the head.

Lovely focus and good motivational spirit as a poet. Poets are missioned to better the lives of people through poetry and the style of Gbemisola Adeoti has been yielding positive attentions; most of his poems (Ambush, Hard Lines, etc) are very awesome.

[Check The Poem Ambush by Gbemisola Adeoti]

No matter how perfect a poem can be, it will possess some shortcomings. “Hard Lines”, for instance, has a well planned first and second stanza which contained metaphor followed by simile followed by imagery:

“Some lines are bitter pills

5 Analyzed Poems Of John Pepper Clark

(Analysis 1)
Plot And Themes Of Night Rain By John Pepper Clark Plot:- The poem talks about rain falling in the night and the effects of it on a small boy, the other brothers, the mother and the small improverished abode. The boy wakes up not knowing the time as “no cock crow” The rain starts falling hard. He takes into consideration the effects of this on his brothers who are advised to sleep on; on his mother who continuously shifts “her bins Continue reading Plot And Themes Of Night Rain By John Pepper Clark→ (Analysis 2)
Cultural Reflection FromAbiku By John Pepper Clark Abiku as the name implies is a situation where a child is given birth to in multiple times. It’s a Yoruba word and Yoruba people are very culturally oriented people where giving birth and naming ceremonies are vital culture of the Yoruba people because of the value attached to names and because of circumstances and mysteries surrounding birth (abiku is an instance). The poem Abiku by John Pepper Clark has a rural setting a…

Oozes Of Confusion

Twittering shadows in lonely subways
Raked with shadowy fingers in the absence of funeral offerings,
Stares of the moon on the highway
Through the hills silence rises to travel,
With fragments of decayed mournings
Over laboured and choked with pangs of hunger.

Demons of poverty lingers
Waiting to punch the crows of daily travails,
Too eager to massage the land
With frivolous smiles and hands,
Hopeful promises now vague
Oozes of confusion has deflowered the land,
And crises are parading like peace makers with good news,
The land is stitched with questions to heavy to carry the mind.

They walk with blood pressure of words and anaemia of deeds,
With sentimental shallow kind of love
While the people are filled with conflicting emotions if survival.

The masters are the servants
While the servants are the masters
Dictating for the masters,
See them stacked like sardine
With dreams in their minds,
For their blessed land trying to find itself.

©copyright: Chibueze Moses Opara aka Mr. Humility
(a Nigerian contemporar…

Ozone Layer

What kind of car is this?
I do no know.
Except the locomotive ability
of this rickety thing

Hardly moving when moved

Driving the driver driving it,
I can see the driver sweating within it

Our nares and heads
are filled with carbon monoxide
this rickety thing is emitting
from its nostrils

And like smoke from the swinging thurible
used in a catholic cathedral

The emission is spreading everywhere

And melting the ozone layer
like fire melting a shea butter

Every rich and poor african wants to ride
a car;
maybe rickety or rickety not they do not

I blame you not my africans.
Why didnt GOD build the ozone layer
with iron rock and crystal
than making it fragile like a silky material?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

About The PopAds' Anti-AdBlock Adcode

In a way, one can say that PopAds,net is one of the ads networks with a very kin interest in publishers or webmasters maximization of income. The newly enabled anti-adblock is a prove.

The Anti-AdBlock Adcode uses daily changed domains to avoid being blocked by any kind of AdBlock, uBlock or other similar extensions not excluding hosts file. The programming crew at PopAds,net had taken time to test the anti-adblock adcode for a while and realized it huge ability to double publishers' impressions.

There are three options to the inatallation of the new PopAds,net adcode depending on needs and technical abilities:

"Normal JavaScript Adcode. It is perfect if you have very low technical skill of if you are using content platform like Blogspot or Tumblr. The downside is that you need to regenerate and reinstall the adcode every few days(not less than once per week).

PHP AdCode Library. A simple PHP script that you need to include instead of the actual adcode. Simple to use and will wor…


A good thing

A strange land they say:
A good place to breed

Somewhere in UK I’m dreaming
To be

I can see
In the telly
Your peaceful street
Your beautiful skin
Where crime is not in your wardrobe
Inflation is not a citizen
Of your nation

Oh UK! Oh UK!!
Should I unpack my bags now?

Oh UK!
Unto the cry of a strange tongue

How do I live you
The nights with two eyes closed?

At least
Odysseus lived peacefully
With Kalypso

And Aladdin
Were happy in emperor’s kingdom

Even Oduduwa
And Agbonmiregun also lived
In Ile-Ife in unity

The beauty and the beast
Were at peace
With each and each

So what will become of UK and me?

I’m black
I’m strange
I’m naive
I need to know now
I need to know how to live your town
To live as one
For long

With my wife and children
And survive?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Ije (my journey home)

There are two seasons in my heart
Like a troubled mind in a lonely hood,
I trudge with strong memories of home
To revive my dreams from this flood.
The wave is no longer my friend
I am like a river on its own,
Like a giant fighting a war at two ends
An itinerant, on a journey through this town.

The thoughts of home have clouded my mind
The scent of home is within me,
The endless beauty of my root
My life is a drama with several scenes
Playing in different screens,
I bear the image of my home in my mind,
Spreading my doubts on hopeful lines.
With the thoughts of home knitted in my heart.

Everyday, I am wearied by the cold
I remember home, the tales mother always tell me
To nurse the distractions of the world,
I remember the moonlight tales
The silence that covers the roof of the night,
The days of hunger, tears and joy
Moments when my faith strolled in silence
Moments when death lurked to steal my home,
I remember my root, the endless song in my heart
There is no place like home.

©copyright: Moses Chibueze Opar…


Mainly using ethnography as strategy
Built the
Holistic scientific and social study of humanity

Of events culture served without
Anthropology is much like
Serving white-rice with no stew-sauce
Anthropology begets diverse
Ethnography oh
Sits in the council of elders then
Entomology lacks a say
Zoology in loin of classification should
Zoology in loin of evolution should
Zoology taste this while
I'm dishing out these artifacts
Straight to the souls anti fact of the
Beauties histories hold dear at heart.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


Immediately you start a thing
Cynics appear
Same as the case of Walt Disney
Childish they
Jealously tagged Disney's fantasy
They called
Him idle being of silly dreams
Time tongue
Then devoured their cynic tongues
Reward fate
Then opened the success gate
Walt Disney's
Childish looking dream then
Into the sweet land of dreams
The land of dreams
Children of the cynic daddies
Must surely visit
To sustain their family bonds
Universe whole
Now secures joy in childish fantasy
Of Walt Disney...

Moral lessons
You dear thinkers,
All thoughts are things
Never let cynics kill your dreams.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


Ting-tong ding-dong
Time has come to tie my song
To hold your breath in my hands
To mesmerize thee as a princess
To impress

Say my words yes
For God so love the words
That he gave his only begotten song
And whosoever believeth in it
Shall dance to it like hip hop

So raise up your glass cups
Of Hennessey
Encourage me
To unleash the dragon
In this night club
Ahoy! To my pirates
With my rhyming
I hail thee following
Sequentially in bang wagon effects
For the girls and gees
To jazz and jig on their pavements

A tongue song
Beat the gong
While I say chingchong
As if I'm from Hong Kong
Wait, am I drunk?

Despite all these
My sweet stupid words I'm dishing
Those funny thinking folks
Still do not appreciate poetry;
Are they sadists?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

All My Good Heart Desires All

I came to this world made by God
Now I'm of the world made by God
Growing and learning made by God
Following keen in grace of God
Living solely in grace of God
I work and pray by grace of God
Since God the all in all
Men desires are made by God
To worry or hope for help of God
To face whatever the storm of God
Has made a sign of wrath of God
Since God the all in all
Will grant my heart desires all
My "A" to "Z" heart desires all
My this and that heart desires all
My big and small heart desires all
My alpha and omega desires all
Because I'm a living son of God
Because my heart is made by God...

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Refugees (Moses Chibueze Opara)

In this camp we lodged
Like flies feeding on dead bodies,
Our dreams we sipped, with straws of death
Throwing horrible blessings on our land.

We were ambushed by faceless rebels
To flee from our homes,
The screams of bullets poked our eyes
And naked our hearts to dying flames.

Along the sorrowful borders of life and death
We mourned for our daughters, kidnapped by ghosts in shadows,
As we buried our brothers and children in the grave if silence.

In the refugee camp, we begged for food
And lay our beds with bedsheets of ghost less mosquitoes,
We counted our dying parents
And smiled to our sick brethren.

We became refugees seeking for shelter
From our neighbours, and sighing to the tones of unknown melodies,
Like hopeful guests, caged in the land of death.

©copyright: Moses Chibueze Opara
(A contemporary Nigerian poet and poetry analyst)


Do not blame God
Take charge of yourself
Do not blame your leaders
Start to lead yourself
Do not blame your parents
Take the path you quest
Do not blame your teachers
Begin to use your open ears
Do not blame your peers
It's all man for himself
Do not blame your neighbors
New gossip helps their boredom
Do not blame superiors or your boss
What if you're the boss?
Do not blame anything or anyone else
But be disciplines and be disciplined
And be brave enough to shoulder things
And be brave enough to hold all things
Together so blameless so bearing
And so so condoning.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Qadabra Tips To Publicizing Your Blog Or Website

The hungry lions of the internet never lack fat information to feed on. If the metaphor is not too weird, I can consider myself as one of those hungry internet lions because acquiring fresh information is very dear to my heart; I can't deny.

On one of my hungry expeditions, I found Qadabra; a creation of MariMedia TLD. It is a self-serve advertisement network standing as connection between advertisers and publishers. It operates a performance based advertisement which can be very rewarding to publishers based on its automated optimization algorithm with global coverage. Qadabra has a no-minimum-traffic requirement and $1 minimum threshold for its publishers. it also has it on one of its pages that its registration process for an interested publisher is 3-step simple with instant approval but recent observation has shown that the third step of the registration process is no longer finalizing.

Let's skip the unnecessary Qadabra pros and cons and concentrate on the motive behind th…

CPMLeader Ad Code Can Be Very Frustrating

"CPMLEADER can be very very frustrating". You might wonder what prompt this kind of quoted sentence but speaking from experience, I wonder how an ad publisher will survive from such advertising system of cpmleader,com.

To be candid, I still prefer the treat at cpmleader to that of advantageglobalmarking,com (OK, seriously the URL is too lame for a biz organization that should be taken seriously). I don't know if it was only me witnessing it, whenever I enter advantageglobalmarking,com and click send; it goes halfway then redirect to a URL that loads whitepage with a very very long domain name starting with http://adrunnr.

Back from the digression, cpmleader,com is one among the million online advertisement networks you'll hear claiming to be a good AdSense alternative_ the truth remains that good AdSense alternatives are very scarce or allow me to simply say that they're not up to twenty.

A visit to cpmleader website will make you ask, "why is this website so d…




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