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10 Commandments Of Ads Placement

This witty but meaningful 10 commandments of ads placement can be a guide for any webmaster or web owner regardless of whether pro or rookie, whether AdSense or Taboola, whether In-Text Ads or Technorati; none can be above it.

1) Honour thy viewers and customers with relevant ads and so your income funnel shall be full in this internet nirvana.

2) Thou shall not steal from your viewers and customers via unclarified in-text ad links or affiliate buttons; your web viewers hate to be deceived.

3) Thou shall not kill your web or blog contents with suffocating or aggressive ad codes such as front-door interstitial, recurring popups, sixty seconds light-box that has no exit door; etc. Most web surfers are impatient for such.

4) Thou shall not commit ads-ultery by marrying varying ads networks to a single webpage on your attractive website or blog. Be careful with AdSense alternatives.

5) Obedience is better than sacrifice. 728x90 leaderboard ad size must be the one to sit under your post title while 300x250 banner ad size must be the one to appear between your article body.

6) Thou must not crowd your web page with ad banners, promo codes, affiliate buttons, etc. 3 banners + 1 promo code + 1 affiliate button = a bearable webpage hawking.

7) A skyscraper in your widget area is useless unless it's a responsive slide; take it or leave it, such graphical skyscraper is the recent lucrative cow.

8) The most appealing ads above the website title is the toolbar ads; which does generate more clicks for the Cost Per Click (CPC) system.

9) Keenly observe the behavior of your ads because virus and malware and sneaky mobile redirects are big sin.

10) All you with search engine major traffic must obey the TOS since your google can be very jealous; you don't wanna be flagged.

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