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5 Analyzed Poems Of John Pepper Clark

The poem talks about rain falling in the night and the effects of it on a small boy, the other brothers, the mother and the small improverished abode.
The boy wakes up not knowing the time as “no cock crow”
The rain starts falling hard. He takes into consideration the effects of this on his brothers who are advised to sleep on; on his mother who continuously shifts “her bins Continue reading Plot And Themes Of Night Rain By John Pepper Clark→
Abiku as the name implies is a situation where a child is given birth to in multiple times. It’s a Yoruba word and Yoruba people are very culturally oriented people where giving birth and naming ceremonies are vital culture of the Yoruba people because of the value attached to names and because of circumstances and mysteries surrounding birth (abiku is an instance).
The poem Abiku by John Pepper Clark has a rural setting and words like bats and owls and thatches and bamboos are evidence to support the claim and the setting sh Continue reading Cultural Reflection From Abiku By John PepperClark→
The poet’s feeling of sympathy for the victims of the war was so overwhelming in the poem “The Casualties” to the extent that he never excluded himself among the victims:
“We fall
All casualties of the war
Because we cannot hear each other speak
Because eyes have ceased to see the face from the crowd
Because whether we know or
Do not know the extent of wrong on all sides,
We are characters now other than before”.
John Pepper Clark in his state of sympathy, blame and guilt; divided the victims_ referred to as casualties, into two groups (the directly affected victims and the indirectly affected victim) and finally made it open to the readers that those who thought themselves to be “the looters” during the war were as well victims being so “fearful everyday the owners may return”.
He sympathetically enlisted the direct victims as (1) those who are dead (2) those who are wounded (3) those who have lost persons or property (4)Continue reading How Sympathetic Was John Pepper Clark In The Poem “The Casualties”→
Let’s together look at this great poem of John Pepper Clark titled: AGBOR DANCER.
The poem holds a description of Agbor girl doing a traditional dance, moving in response to rhythm of the drums in a very dazzling and magestic way.
The poem speaker made known his own interest in the values represented by this dance by expressing his desire to join the dance that involves earth, sky and flesh or entire life of the people.
Agbor Dancer is a poem written in 4 stanzas with 5 lines each. The first stanza described the dancing girl and the drum that produced the music she dances to, stressing the way her whole person was absorbed in the dance while the second and third stanza looked at the body movement of the dancer while dancing and then move on to the unity betwContinue reading Analysis Of AgborDancer By John Pepper Clark→
(“Agbor Dancer” J. P. Clarke) by Obodokasi E Agbor See her caught in the throb of a drum Tippling from hide-brimmed stem Down lineal veins to ancestral core Opening out her supple tan Limbs like fresh foliage in the sun. See how entangled in the magic maze of music In trance she treads the intricate.

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