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About The PopAds' Anti-AdBlock Adcode

In a way, one can say that PopAds,net is one of the ads networks with a very kin interest in publishers or webmasters maximization of income. The newly enabled anti-adblock is a prove.

The Anti-AdBlock Adcode uses daily changed domains to avoid being blocked by any kind of AdBlock, uBlock or other similar extensions not excluding hosts file. The programming crew at PopAds,net had taken time to test the anti-adblock adcode for a while and realized it huge ability to double publishers' impressions.

There are three options to the inatallation of the new PopAds,net adcode depending on needs and technical abilities:

"Normal JavaScript Adcode. It is perfect if you have very low technical skill of if you are using content platform like Blogspot or Tumblr. The downside is that you need to regenerate and reinstall the adcode every few days(not less than once per week).

PHP AdCode Library. A simple PHP script that you need to include instead of the actual adcode. Simple to use and will work on vast majority of hostings.

Adcode API - advanced feature that allows you to generate fresh Anti-AdBlock Adcode via our API service. This is ideal if you want to have your adcode automatically updated, but your website is not based on PHP.
All these options are now available on the Code Generator page."

PopAds,net is an advertising network that specializes in popunder plus other pop-formats (so it's exactly as its name) It falls in the same category as Propellerads, Revenuehits, Popcash, etc. Still on the angle of webmasters or publishers, PopAds,net has a minimum payout is $5 where instant payment within 24 hours is possible. One of the demerits very glaring with PopAds,net is the fact that it lacks details; no company source or location, no "About Us" page on their website, an unprofessional and confusing "Contact Us" page, etc.

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