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CPMLeader Ad Code Can Be Very Frustrating

"CPMLEADER can be very very frustrating". You might wonder what prompt this kind of quoted sentence but speaking from experience, I wonder how an ad publisher will survive from such advertising system of cpmleader,com.

To be candid, I still prefer the treat at cpmleader to that of advantageglobalmarking,com (OK, seriously the URL is too lame for a biz organization that should be taken seriously). I don't know if it was only me witnessing it, whenever I enter advantageglobalmarking,com and click send; it goes halfway then redirect to a URL that loads whitepage with a very very long domain name starting with http://adrunnr.

Back from the digression, cpmleader,com is one among the million online advertisement networks you'll hear claiming to be a good AdSense alternative_ the truth remains that good AdSense alternatives are very scarce or allow me to simply say that they're not up to twenty.

A visit to cpmleader website will make you ask, "why is this website so dry? Does it mean, the management detest graphics?" The good thing about the website is that almost every information needed is hurriedly scribbled in the front page with an orange-green background. The issue of a website with no graphic should not give anybody headache. Right? I agree to a limited extent because I've seen some ad networks lacking in graphics but effective and reliable when it comes to helping advertisers deliver their ads properly and helping web owners turn their traffic into revenue.

The complain I have about cpmleader,com is the issue of its very very very aggressive interstitial. I sign-up with cpmleader because a certain website's review claimed cpmleader does an instant approval and a minimum payout of $1; so I be like "let me see what this ad network is up to". I realized that their approval is instant and very straight as arrow but the minimum payout wasn't $1, it was $5 (very funny).  They do not accept blogspot except the one with a VERY HUGE TRAFFIC which the blog owner must contact them for manual approval.

When I sign-up, I copied a code for a leaderboard 720x90 ad format (the banner looked very fine and relevant) but their is a strange page relentlessly overriding every of my website page. That's how interstitial ads perform should in case you do not know. I passionately dislike interstitials (all the three types of interstitial) because a web surfer will not see what he/she is looking for instead will be shown a webpage with a strange content and a strange domain name, by so doing, giving the web viewer an impression that the webpage he/she previously looked for is not in existence; I just don't like interstitials. CPMLeader should endeavor to create means through which publishers can filter the ads to be shown to their websites

This article is not to condemn any website neither it's written to condemn cpmleader,com. Internet is a global democratic village where freedom of speech is allowed to a given level and such freedom I harness to share my experience with my dearest fellow page viewers; they might have a better advice regarding how to better operate CPMLeader.

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