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Ije (my journey home)

There are two seasons in my heart
Like a troubled mind in a lonely hood,
I trudge with strong memories of home
To revive my dreams from this flood.
The wave is no longer my friend
I am like a river on its own,
Like a giant fighting a war at two ends
An itinerant, on a journey through this town.

The thoughts of home have clouded my mind
The scent of home is within me,
The endless beauty of my root
My life is a drama with several scenes
Playing in different screens,
I bear the image of my home in my mind,
Spreading my doubts on hopeful lines.
With the thoughts of home knitted in my heart.

Everyday, I am wearied by the cold
I remember home, the tales mother always tell me
To nurse the distractions of the world,
I remember the moonlight tales
The silence that covers the roof of the night,
The days of hunger, tears and joy
Moments when my faith strolled in silence
Moments when death lurked to steal my home,
I remember my root, the endless song in my heart
There is no place like home.

©copyright: Moses Chibueze Opara aka Mr. Humility
(A contemporary Nigerian poet and poetry analyst)

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