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Mediavine Quality Ads For Publishers

One of the effective low-key advertising networks that prioritize publishers' interest is  Mediavine Publisher Network. How am I certain of this claim? Let's just say that 60% faith in me votes for Mediavine in terms of serving quality and unbiased ads; come to think of it, which other advertising network has ever asked you the following questions:-

"Are bad ads ruining your site? Sick of mobile redirects, belly fat ads and advertisements that go against your brand message?"

Based on the descriptions on the homepage of the website, Mediavine Publisher Network has been in the game since 2004, a whole 12 years (this must truly be a low-key advertising network).

Mediavine Publisher Network has a standing ad placement policy of 5 ad maximum per page because the lesser the ads within the viewed spots, the faster the load times for the page, the higher the search ranking, the better the CPM, the higher the revenue.

The advert images below are examples of the ads served by; the images have the Mediavine logo and name below their ads and a "report-this-ad" instruction below the image to prevent irrelevant and spammy ads.

Mediavine Publisher Network claims not to serve pop-ads and interstitials but most of the times, their ads appear on my mobile devices in form of lightbox (I could the first time I saw it, I didn't know it was mediavine's ad so I said to myself: "when did Google AdSense adopt the use lightbox ad format?")

The needed requirement to be eligible for Mediavine Publisher Network are as follow:-

1) A minimum of 30000 monthly page view.

2) A non-banned Google AdSense website.

3) An engaged, high quality traffic that Worth's bidding.

4) A desktop and mobile friendly website.

5) A website that doesn't run a programmatic display ads (more article on programmatic ads will be discussed later in a broader length).

6) A non-adult or malware website.

It is pointless to proclaim what one does not know. Internet is an echoing room where no secret can be kept; whatever lie anyone tries to carve for selfish aim will quickly backfire so I must confess that I only write this post to show that ads served by Mediavine are quality but I have not been chanced to register with Mediavine as a publisher. I can't prove whether they truly pay their publishers or whether they are scam. I can't prove how quick or slow their payment process is. I can't prove their minimum payment threshold. In short, there are lots of things I can't prove about Mediavine Publisher Network but the only thing this post or article aims to prove is the quality of the ads.

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