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Propellerads: Skyrocketing CPM For West African Traffic

This article is to truthfully share my ten-day experience with as a publisher. I have a low traffic blog (I don't think the blog's name is necessary here) which not only couldn't get AdSense approval but was also rejected by Adsoid; so I decided to give it a try with Propellerads.

From the publisher angle, PropellerAds is an instant approval internet advertising company that offers multi-channel advertising solutions for display, desktop, video, mobile, and in-app. As of now, the most flexible monetization solution on Propellerads is the Native Direct Ads.

Propellerads came into existence in 2011, with the aim of fulfilling the dreams of both publishers and advertisers without the barrier of whether some websites are big while others are small.

After I've realized that many other web owners and bloggers are using it, I signed up for Propeller ads. I placed one banner ad, one leaderboard ad and onclick (popunder) on my blog for ten days.
It became clear that except the onclick, other ad formats paid low. The image below shows the total outcome of my ten-day adventure with Propellerads:
Below image shows the profit generated through the mobile-pushup ad format of Propellerads:- 

Below image shows the profit generated through the banner size ad format of Propellerads:- 
Below image shows the profit generated through the leaderboard ad format of Propellerads:- 
Below image shows the profit generated through the onclick (popunder) ad format of Propellerads:- 

 It must be noted that popunder ad format has proven to be the highest paying format in recent time but the notion of people has devalued it. Not only that, any website or blog serving popunder always suffer search engine appearance and cease to survive unless the major traffic source for such website or blog is from social networks or direct links.

According to the comment of TheCapedCrusader (one of the surfers) at "If you are planning to build a website just to make some money then that is completely the wrong way to go.

There are a few things that really annoy most visitors and send then straight away: 1. pop-ups 2. pop-unders 3. sneaky redirects 4. Facebook like light boxes appearing as soon as they visit 5. Spammy content 6. Stolen content 7. the list is endless but people still do it every day."

Since I've been trying other AdSense alternatives, none has shown big figure for my small blog. Although Revenuehits started with big figure as well but after a month, the figure drastically dropped and while using Revenuehits the blog stopped showing on Google search engine. Bidvertiser was also very close in terms of revenue generation for that my blog but Bidvertiser was giving my blog viewers a lot nightmares with multiple aggressive popups and redirects to the exist that Google had banned, the blog in question, thrice; not only that, Bidvertiser relationship with blog publishers seem not to be transparent which I would have loved to share my experience with Bidvertiser (but that is a discussion for another day). I quit Propellerads solely because its minimum payout is on a very high side for a small blog I used it for; seriously, $100 minimum payout was like a twenty first century slavery for my little blog.

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