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Qadabra Tips To Publicizing Your Blog Or Website

The hungry lions of the internet never lack fat information to feed on. If the metaphor is not too weird, I can consider myself as one of those hungry internet lions because acquiring fresh information is very dear to my heart; I can't deny.

On one of my hungry expeditions, I found Qadabra; a creation of MariMedia TLD. It is a self-serve advertisement network standing as connection between advertisers and publishers. It operates a performance based advertisement which can be very rewarding to publishers based on its automated optimization algorithm with global coverage. Qadabra has a no-minimum-traffic requirement and $1 minimum threshold for its publishers. it also has it on one of its pages that its registration process for an interested publisher is 3-step simple with instant approval but recent observation has shown that the third step of the registration process is no longer finalizing.

Let's skip the unnecessary Qadabra pros and cons and concentrate on the motive behind this article. I'm posting this article to share with everyway2.blogspot viewers, the few tips I found at regarding how to effectively publicize a blog or website.

The tips from the website goes thus:
"Publicize Your Blog
Publicizing your blog means getting it ready to be promoted to the public and then actually promoting it.

Once you set up your blog, you should focus on building a great platform for monetization through blog optimization.

This means:
Quality Content
Eye-Catching Design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Adding Social Share Buttons

This is followed by promotion of the site by doing the following:
Sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more
Joining online communities that are interested in your blog topic
Joining online communities for tips on SEO, social media, and web traffic
Checking online to see what other people are doing for blog monetization
Collaborating and link sharing with other bloggers.

Attracting users to your blog is an important step in the existence of your site and vital in the path to the most blog monetization.  Now that you have the traffic, we have the magic!

 Choose Your Form of Advertising
Online advertising has become one of the proven ways to earn revenue for a blog, perhaps because it’s one of the fastest returns on investment. With ad platforms like Qadabra, having great banner ads and a good display advertising technique is just a copy and a paste away."

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