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Refugees (Moses Chibueze Opara)

In this camp we lodged
Like flies feeding on dead bodies,
Our dreams we sipped, with straws of death
Throwing horrible blessings on our land.

We were ambushed by faceless rebels
To flee from our homes,
The screams of bullets poked our eyes
And naked our hearts to dying flames.

Along the sorrowful borders of life and death
We mourned for our daughters, kidnapped by ghosts in shadows,
As we buried our brothers and children in the grave if silence.

In the refugee camp, we begged for food
And lay our beds with bedsheets of ghost less mosquitoes,
We counted our dying parents
And smiled to our sick brethren.

We became refugees seeking for shelter
From our neighbours, and sighing to the tones of unknown melodies,
Like hopeful guests, caged in the land of death.

©copyright: Moses Chibueze Opara
(A contemporary Nigerian poet and poetry analyst)

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