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Shopify Or Spotify: When Standing At The Crossroad

Just having fun posting for similarity reason. It is clear that Shopify and Spotify sound much alike_ even a wrongly typed URL can lead an inquisitive seeker to either of the websites.

What is Shopify?
Shopify is a place for anyone interested in online store to start making his or her internet dreams come true. It is an ecommerce platform with a difference though similar in part to Woocommerce and the rest.

It doesn't matter what one wants to sell or where the local store is located, with a token invested, Shopify turns any product into a mouthwatering one.

Shopify has partnered with twitter. Which means your Shopify store and your twitter account are both market place and every follower on your twitter account might possibly become your customer. Once your Shopify store has been integrated to Twitter, twitter will automatically be creating buy button for any of your Shopify goods tweeted, making it easy for anyone to buy your product without getting to your Shopify store.

What is Spotify?
Spotify is a home of online free music listening. Everyone loves music, it only the level of the love for music that differs that why Shopify comes in for everyone to sooth himself or herself.

Spotify has take music to a whole new level with easy of picking the right music for every moment whenever, wherever and however. While working out your body, the right music is there for you. While relaxing on your sofa, the right music will be there for you. While making your favorite meal, the right music will be there for you. Spotify has made music a thing to cuddle like a teddy bear because can assessed on your phone, your computer, your tablet, your TV, just name whatever device. It is not wrong to refer to Spotify as an online music social network website.

The gap between Shopify and Spotify is very wide. The only way they share similarity is in the name nothing more:

(1) Shopify is about making money online through advertising and selling, etc. While Spotify is about making entertainment easy.

(2) Shopify is opened to everybody from any country. While Spotify is limited to European countries as of the moment of this post.

(3) Shopify has its offices in Canada and USA according to the CONTACT US page of the website. While Spotify has twenty offices around Europe according to the ABOUT US page of the website.

(4) Shopify has an affiliate program for webmasters. While Spotify is not for such.

(5) Shopify has @Shopify as its Twitter handle. While Spotify has @SpotifyCares as its Twitter handle.

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