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8 Possible Causes Of A Stiff Steering

Speaking of possibilities, an automobile steering might become rigid and painful to stir; what might be the probable cause?

An automobile steering is that which the driver uses in controlling the direction or guide the course of his or her automobile or car while in motion. Flexibility in the steering always aids the ease of an automobile navigation.

From experience, below are listed possible causes of a stiff steering:
(1) The automobile may have a low or uneven tyre pressure
(2) The automobile steering gear or connections adjusted may be done too tight
(3) The front springs may be sagged
(4) The front axle or suspension arms of the automobile may be bent or twisted
(5) Another probable cause may be as a result of an excessive caster
(6) The steering of an automobile may become stiff due to insufficient or incorrect lubricant used
(7) Another probable cause may be due to frame bent or broken
(8) The steering of an automobile may be stiff reacting to stub-axle knuckle bent

The solutions to the aforementioned possible causes of a stiff steering are to check one by one and readjust or correct the cause. Check wheel alignment by testing the camber, king-pin inclination and caster. Correct front axle as necessary. Replace independent front-wheel arms with new ones.

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