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6 Principles Of Business Ethics

According to David Murray (1997) "the ethics of business and organizational life have acquired a considerably higher public as well as professional profile during the past fifteen years"

The key business ethics concern is the way that the business conducts its ordinary, everyday routine activities. The way the firm deals with its staff and its customers, the way it designs and supports its products, the way it awards contract and apportions blame; all these are the key determinants of whether a business is ethical and are as important as the way it deals with crisis.

According to Elegido (1996) the following are constituting a reasonably complete list of independent and ultimate principle of business ethics:-

1) Principle of Solidarity: We must be concerned with promoting the wellbeing of all human beings, not only our own. In so far as we fail to do so, we undermine our own fulfilment.

2) Principle of Role Responsible: One does not have responsibility for all the aspects of the wellbeing of all human beings. One's special circumstance, capacities, roles and commitments give one a priority responsibility for certain aspects of the well being of certain people.

3) Principle of Fairness: One should apply the same standards in judging one's own actions, those of people who are dear to one, and those of strangers.

4) Principle of Efficiency: In trying to promote human fulfilment good intentions are not enough; one must endeavor to use effective means.

5) Principle of Refrain from Willing Harm to a Human Being: One should never choose directly to harm a human being.

6) Principle of Rationality: One should always strive to act intelligently.

Difference Between A Single-Plate Fiction Clutch And A Multiple-Plate Clutch

Clutch is a device used for interrupting power transmission, commonly between engine and gearbox in a car or an automobile.

In considering a single-plate friction clutch, there are two driving members which are the flywheel of the engine and the pressure plate. Sandwiched between these two driving members is the driven plate which is attached by splines to the driven shaft. Coil springs press the pressure plate against the driven plate and so into contact with the flywheel face. To disengage the clutch the pressure plate is levered away from the driven plate against the pressure of the coil springs.

On the other hand, when referring to the multiple-plate clutch, three plates having friction inserts are sandwiched between four plain plates. In the clutch-engaged position the spring pressure plate forces the plain plates tightly against the friction plates so that the power transmitted by the sprocket is transferred via the clutch case to the clutch hub which causes the mainshaft to revolve. Pressure on the clutch lever causes the clutch rod to move to the left (as shown) and release the spring plate pressure; this enables the clutch sprocket to revolve on its bearings without rotating the clutch hub.

Poetry Questions Visitors Asked

Here are few among the questions asked this week; other confidential questions asked by naijapoets visitors are intact and will forever remain confidential.
These questions are posted since they can be beneficial to anyone:-

(1) A Naijapoets Visitor Asked:- Whatz The Relationship Between Yaremi And Her Husband?

Naijapoets Replied:-
"The relationship between Yaremi and Ajumobi was marriage-like (similar to that of fresh romance) though the narration begins with the death of the husband but some instances I will briefly mention should reveal cordial and lovely relationship.

If the bond between Yaremi and her husband was not strong, she would have given in to one of her admirers before the "cap picking" whatever; she even went ahead and put all seeking her hand in marriage into public disgrace.

Yaremi maintained solitude and withstood humiliation because of her love for the husband; she felt that no other man can in any way fill the gap of Ajumobi.

It is also noted in the novel that Yaremi visits the grave of her husband and her long emersion in the memory of times spent with Ajumobi makes her shed tears for the demise of him."

(2) A Naijapoets Visitor Asked:- Discuss The Poem Tone And Mood Vis-à-vis Poetic Content

Naijapoets Replied:-
"It is the tone, to a certain level that determines the mood. The voice of Gabriel Okara through his choice of words looked recalling, judgemental, contrasting and indecisive. The first stanza holding the poet's memory of the past shows a recalling tone "in my mother's laps a suckling" then the judgemental aspect is in the context where the drums are said to be raw while the piano is complex. The poet's idea of juxtaposition denotes both contrasting and indecisive tone.

A man's choice is another's rejection which takes us to aspect of mood. The poem may invoke a varying mood from reader to reader. One can probably feel related in terms of the message regarding conflicting ideology (being an African in European dogmas). Even though the structure of the poem is not lyrical but the title and few words concerto, counterpoint, diminuendo, wailing-piano, drums etc are capable of placing a music lover in a music mood."

(3) A Naijapoets Visitor Asked:- What Is The Theme Of Destruction In Ambush By Gbemisola Adeoti

Naijapoets Replied:-
"The theme of destruction is similar to the theme of danger. In the theme of danger, virtually all the lines of the poem exemplified it. The poet made it known with the use of following words like “swallows”, “cries”, “snatch”, “tribulations”, “disaster” and created dreadful agents of death like “a giant whale”, “a sabre-toothed tiger”, “a giant hawk” to carry out fear and danger.
The dangerous animals are seen destroying the efforts of the land dwellers. The giant whale destroys the efforts the fishermen which is seen between line 1-5 of the poem."

(4) A Naijapoets Visitor Asked:- Analyse Gbanabom Hallowell's Dining Table

Naijapoets Replied:-
"(1) Poet:- "Elvis Gbanabom Hallowell is the author of a collection of poems, Hills of Temper. As a journalist in Freetown, he witnessed and chronicled the ten-year war which has influenced most of his poetry." (Biography quoted from

(2) Denotation/ Subject matter:-
The poem is about a certain communal attack or civil war with led to destruction leaving the victims in the poem with injuries, homelessness, fear, vengeful hearts, etc.

(3) Themes:-
i. Negative effects of war
ii. Homelessness
iii. Political revolution
iv. Struggle for survival

(3) Language, Style and devices:-
Dining Table by Gbanabom Hallowell has a simple language. It is 3 stanza poem in free verse with a total of 26 lines. There are enjambments and imageries to spice the poem."

(5) A Naijapoets Visitor Asked:- How Are The Facts In Piano And Drums Compare To Our Modern Life?

Naijapoets Replied:-
"Lets view it this way. If you happen to have a rural background then peradventure by fate you find yourself in city where the happenings differ from that of your rural; at first you will probably be in a dilemma of which lifestyle to fully embrace (the past or the present). Such was the position Gabriel Okara found himself; in dilemma between the African culture and the western civilised culture.

Gabriel Okara symbolised the African culture with "drum" and the Western culture with "piano" because he felt the African culture is very simple while the Western culture is very complex.

Come to think of it, the village life (which exemplifies the primitive Africa) is as simple as grow into adulthood, have a wife and a farm to feed the family. On the contrary, the city life (which exemplifies the European culture) is complex with more than just having a farm and a family. You can draw references from the poem to support this headstart I have given."

(6) A Naijapoets Visitor Asked:- i need a concrete stanza by stanza explanation of the religious aspect in the poem.

Naijapoets Replied:-
"Your question seems ambiguous. Do you demand the stanzaic summary or how the poem relates to religion?

Stanzaic summary:-
Stanza 1 says the fear of aging increases by year. Stanza 2 says one is full of hope at twenty. Stanza 3 says the expectations began to wane. Stanza 3 says of long hours of working. Stanza 4, little or no result for those hard works. Stanza 5 except have children which is no big deal at all. Stanza 6 speaks of the uncertainty of having a long life. Stanza 7 says that the uncertainty further makes humans highly unsatisfied in comparison between all that has been achieved and yet those yet to be achieved.

Religious angle of the poem:-
If we allude to the bible, procreation according to Gen. 1:28 can be seen from line 21-23. Hard labour and life struggles according to Gen. 3:19 can be seen in lines 13-16. Mortality and death according to Ecc. 9:5 can be seen in 25-28, etc."

(7) A Naijapoets Visitor Asked:- Discuss The Theme Of Dilemma In African Worship In The Anvil And The Hammer

Naijapoets Replied:-
"It is the speaker's state of dilemma that led to the juxtaposition between past and present. Such tone of dilemma is very evident between line 9-14:
"The jargon of new dialectic come with the
Charisma of the perpetual search on the outlaw's hill
Sew the old days for us our fathers
That we can wear them under our new garment
After we have washed ourselves in
The whirlpool of the many rivers' estuary"

(8) A Naijapoets Visitor Asked:- What are the various significance of act one, scene one of the text" The blood of a stranger" by Dele Charley.

Naijapoets Replied:-
"The Blood of a Stranger by Dele Charley is about unscrupulous elders in Mandoland whose greed led to the glorification of a stranger's will over the deep rooted culture of the land.

It is true that the drama is a mockery of culture. The act one scene one is so relevant in that it lay the foundation for such mockery. In addition, act one scene one opened the door which led to the later tragic flaw of the dubious characters.

This is just a few point to prove the significances of the act one scene. With the hope that you have already read the book "The Blood Of A Stranger" by Dele Charley; in order to expatiate the two aforementioned significances, you need to draw excerpts from the book to support the points mentioned."

(9) A Naijapoets Visitor Asked:- Who is the author of the poem CALL OF THE RIVER NUN?

Naijapoets Replied:-
"The poem is a free verse composed in form of ode. Gabriel Okara the author or preferably the poet is a die hard fan of his background (riverine background) and even the poem like very many other poem of his point to Okara's root or origin."

(10) A Naijapoets Visitor Asked:- What is the tone of the poem Fulani creation story

Naijapoets Replied:-
"The Fulani Creation Story is like a folk myth about creation as implied by the context and the title of the poem. Where the god of creation is referred to as Doondari.

As not to re-narrate what is already known, the question as here is "what is the tone of the poem..."
The obvious tone of the poem is in a part AUTHORITATIVE and in a part INFORMATIVE.

Informative tone in the sense that the poet words are sequentially chosen to portray to unfold of events leading to life cycle of man (Fulani man) while authoritative with the use of words like "created" "defeated" which are used to portray supremacy."

5 Poems Of Gabriel Eziorobo

Below are few poems of Gabriel Eziorobo:-

I really don't know
a secret in you,
because i was a baby
in his mother womb,
for nine months
without seeing the sun,
pondering day and night
thinking of what to do,
luckily for me
i fell asleep
in a secret town
surrounded with art
full of branches
with a secret in it
i find myself
a clue in it,
with the four-letters
everything is open.

Every time i touches the light
i see you in the lime-light of my heart,
so deep in my heart
deeper than the ocean.

Every time i wanna say hi to you,
your eyes will be sleeping
in the night
so i felt,i was a pest to you
not to allow your eyes
to sleep well in the night
so i walk away
to the mountain
to fast and pray
for you to see the lime-light
in my heart,
so deep in my heart
deeper than the ocean.

I was angry
in and out of me,
flowing like a river
in the river-side,
where it started
like a tumour
to my heart,
my heart was full of anger,
pumping in and out of me
like a river
in the river-side,
where i find her
the guilding angel
of my heart,
she is the one
or maybe she is
the healer
of my sickness,
i was wandering
like a river
in the river-side,
i find happiness with her.

The night is dark
so the beauty
of the earth
is down.

The night is scary
and those who wake-up
are the survivals.

The night is the spirit-battle
so the night ask;
how was your-night?
How many people are alive?
How many people are dead?

My heart ceases
to function
so my brain
stops to think
so i wonder wonder,
where will i be?

The beauty,
of the earth
is fading
so the birds sing ah!ah!ah!
So i wonder wonder,
what does the song mean?

The drummers drum
so the dancers dance
to the rhythm of the drum
so i wonder wonder,
what is the rhythm of the drum?

Gabriel Eziorobo is a passionate poet, short story writer, and a fictional playwright. A contemporary Nigerian literature talent. Search him on Facebook to be his fan.

Steps To Aid Quick Acquisition Of Business Loan

A business can easily keep start when the required capital is available. One of the means to raise capital for a business or an enterprise is through loan acquisition. In some cases, loan might become hard due to suspicion or any other related excuses.

Below are some sensible points that can make the acquisition of loan easy and quick:
1 The entrepreneur aiming to acquire loan should be realistic in terms of his/her proposed investment
2 The entrepreneur should provide the list of his assets and liabilities
3 The entrepreneur should give a brief history of the business if it has been in existence long before the proposed loan
4 The entrepreneur should state, if any, history of previous borrowing
5 The entrepreneur should give detailed proposed profit tendency of the proposed investment
6 The entrepreneur must mention how reliable the market for the investment
7 The
entrepreneur should also endeavor to mildly mention his proposed mode of operation
8 The entrepreneur should also state whether there might be plan for loan expansion
9 The entrepreneur should also state if he or she will be requiring a moratorium or a fixed repayment date in the future
10 The entrepreneur should also emphasize on the level at which his or her investment is legal.
A loan is sum of money or other valuable or consideration that individual, group or other legal entity borrows from another individual, group or other legal entity where the latter often being a financial institution, with the condition that it be returned or repaid at a later date often times with interest. The entity seeking loan must be willing to submit a collateral which could be either of the following: landed property or personal security, legal mortgage on quoted shares and stocks, life insurance policy, share certificate, etc.

The Qualities Of A Good Office Manager

The office manager is the one in charge of an office. In talking of this particular post, we are making reference to the manager in charge of the general administrative office or the registry of a business organization. Under strict business conventions, the office manager is not a top management policy maker. He is an administrator and in that capacity, administers his office by implementing top management policies that affects his department.

The administration of the office is in his own hands but he does not make his own policies or policy changes. He is called a manager for the fact that he manages his own department which is the office.
As an overall administrator of his department which is the office, the office manager needs to possess certain qualities if he is to discharge his functions effectively. The qualities are:
1 The office manager should be communicative. He should approach his staff in a cordial way and the staff should be made to approach him in a friendly atmosphere as the situation may demand.
2 The office manager should not be partial in dealing with his subordinates. There should be sound judgment with regards to the settlements of common disputes among staff.
3 The office manager shoul
d possess some leadership qualities since he is the leader in all office activities.
4 The office manager should be courageous enough to handle his managerial position.
5 The office manager should possess a credible character. He should be forward-looking; possess insights into possible future.
6 The office manager should be a disciplined person
7 The office manager should be able to assess a situation, analyze the cause and effect of the situation, and then find a lasting solution to it.
8 The office manager should be able to plan the organization of his office in the way that effect sequential work-flow.
What Is An Office?
This is a building or room where clerical or professional duties are performed. It must be able to hold information and meet reference purposes. Directly and indirectly, office offers protection.

How Access Bank And GTBank Are Promoting SME On Internet

As the trumpet of SME continues to blow louder and louder all through the world, some Nigerian commercial banks has taken the position of a Piper in making sure that their customers are not denied of the opportunities of operating a successful SME.

Two among the banks are Guaranteed Trust Bank PLC and Access Bank. The one million dollar question is "How?"

One of the internet platforms with the mission of encouraging and SME (Small Medium Enterprise) is the GTBank SME MarketHub. It does offer mouthwatering discounts and variety
on everyday products and services on the Hub.

Access Bank Plc also backs The Wcommunity an online community for the encouragement and motivation of women in SME. According to the words from the website, "We believe that women are powerful and key catalyst for change. We know and embrace the truth about empowering women."

SME (Small Medium Enterprise) can be defined as an enterprise capable of employing maximum of 35-100 workers. It must be clearly stated that some organizations do define small scale enterprises in terms of their value of assets, or in terms of turnover an number of staff employed.

In order to be partakers of these internet SME blessings, one must have an active bank account (savings or current) with either or both the banks. For details about Access Bank PLC or Guaranteed Trust Bank PLC, visit the banks websites for terms an


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