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If Not eBay Then It Is Konga

My internet fanatic friends always say: "If it is not in then should have it; but if not in eBay, then konga is the way".

Based on their personal experience with online buying and selling, such saying cannot be disputed.

They do buy and mostly sell stuff online and they often triangulate their merchancy between eBay, aliexpress, and Konga because they find buying and selling easy through these channels.

Actually, this post is not to teach the art of buy-in-one-marketplace-and-sell-in-another-marketplace; the motivation behind the post is the end-of-year shopping rush.

If you are shopping for festive goods or gifts

How To Become A Lucrative Nigerian Blogger

 It's a myth that the knowledge of monetizing a blog can be got for free. It's a fact that the knowledge for genuine/legit blog monetization has to be paid for (whether huge or small). Let me speak of the free ways to it, which indirectly might still cost a waste of time, efforts and money; this starts by doing what most people have done, going to consult the search engines for a free-how-to-becomea-lucrative-blogger article. The truth is that you'll find thousands of articles and PDFs on the issue, but many people have seen the reality that all the free articles will only feed you with surface knowledge, leaving you to go through hell before figuring out the nitty-gritty of becoming a lucrative blogger (especially as a Nigerian blogger). You wonder why they have to do so? The simple answer remains that they need traffic to their own websites and the best way they can go about it is to give a free motivational article or PDF that will only put you in the game but never sh…

Comparing Price Of Online Marketplace (Payporte Vs Coliseum)

As you've already known that this blog has deemed it fit to bring some online store and compare price for the ease of shoppers; what good is in surfing different online marketplaces (most of them with endless loading page of products) just to pick a single product of interest? Ok seriously, guess what we have here? We have fashion wears, both official and the unofficial outfits, from two credible Nigerian online marketplaces. The aim of buying is to be able to pick the best quality at the best price. These comparison is not in anyway to glorify a product over the other but for the best interest of buyer; a buyer with a satisfactory goods today will surely return tomorrow.
Below images showcase prices and quality fashion wears from

Now that we have examined some prices at payporte marketplace; below images showcase prices and quality fashion wears from

It must be importantly noted that the prices seen here may later differ from that of its marketplace …


Your letter "b" is for beauty
Your letter "l" is for luring
Your letter "t" is for tempting
And tantalizing; confessing
You're so mesmerizing
Many times I see you coming
You moisturize my face
With sweet of tension
Inadvertent confusion
Short of rightful expression
To express my emotion
To you goddess of attraction
But I promise not to give up
Bolatito.Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Benefits Of Choosing Google Adsense

AdSense is owned by Google Inc. It is an advertising platform for online ad publishers or website owners who want to serve contextual adverts on their websites or blogs. When it comes to website monetization, anyone with a unique and interesting site can sign-up for AdSense and with few or a single click, earn anywhere few cents to few dollars, depending on the niche.

 This means that Adsense is not bad at all and so are other third-party AdSense alternatives like, Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Revenuehits, etc. According to a comment by Cynthia Perkins, "Google Adsense can be a successful addition to a business plan. It shouldn’t be “the” business plan, but it can be a smart “piece” of the business plan. Leaving it out of the equation, leaves a lot of potential money on the table. No entrepreneur wants to do that." One of the benefit of using AdSense is that it aids and encourages the newbies or someone who is new to online advertising to start earning few dollars without profe…

Join The Western Union Shopping Promo To Shop For Free

Naija! Goodies are everywhere this festive season. Lottery here and there, Promo here and there, Free party and exhibition here and there.
One among the thousands of opportunities to make Christmas and New Year very memorable, is the Western Union Money Transfer Promo. 
As a way of celebrating 20years in Nigeria Money Market and also a way of saying "Thank You" to their customers and Nigerians in general, Western Union gives you the opportunity to join the Western Union Shopping Spree Promotion and get to shop all you want for free.
All you need do is send or receive money with Western Union service and stand the chance to be one of hundred lucky winners to win free shopping spree up to #60,000 in Lagos and Owerri. For winners residing outside of Lagos or Owerri, a #60,000 shopping voucher will be offered in replacement. Otherwise, you may also be part of two hundred lucky winners to win shopping vouchers worth #20,000.
Rules ForTheFreeShoppers:-

Join The 2016 Wiki Loves Africa Competition And Win Prizes

You too can be part of the 2016 Wiki Loves Africa Competition by taking photographs, video or audio that promotes Africa's rich heritage and culture expressed through music, song, dance, and movement. The outstanding uploads will be rewarded with great prizes.

The motive for the competition is to add more to the information the world truly know about Africa. It is observed that Africa has the lowest information in the Wikipedia database and wiki has seen it necessary to encourage upload for the benefit of universal enlightenment and entertainment.

How to enter Wiki Loves Africa?
Entering Wiki Loves Africa Music and Dance is easy! Follow these 4 steps: Step 1: Take some photos.
Step 2: Select the best.
Step 3: Create an account on Commons to take part. Register here.
Step 4: Use the Upload Wizard to enter your photographs.
Competition Rules
Images submitted to the Wiki Loves Africa contest may win prizes! There are a few rules to respect for the images to be eligible. Rule 1: All photos …

9 Grades In The iCharity Club For Earning Income

Besides the famous MMM Scheme, another means some Nigerians make additional fast and huge income is through icharity club. I was introduced to it yesterday, and the strategy seems very enticing but it requires the new comer to pay charitably before he/she can start reaping benevolently and continuously. I looked at the "icharity club" and realise it's nothing but a referral network where a member must refer 5 new member before he/she can be sure of earning. I decided not to join the iCharity Club for the following personal reasons:
#1. I have a legit blog that is earning me reasonable income.
#2. I have not been lucky with referral business; I had tried some referral networks like Amazon, eBay, Hostmonter, but couldn't make any income from them.
#3. I do not have the patience to wait for a very long time on a shaky ground; any referral program requires a very huge patience but the reward is always very high.
#4. Google policy and other high ranking businesses of the…

Princess Kate

Oh, Lady Kate!
Let me dramatically illustrate
For you my feelings
I am King Henry
You'll be my Lady Anne Boleyn
I still remember that day
I first saw your pretty lips
So glossy and so red
And so tantalizing
Like some sliced dodo
I said to you "Hello"
You said to me "Hi"
Your voice then made me fly
Very high into the sky
Lady, show me your bikini
It will make me levitate
Oh! Listen
My sweet Lady Anne Boleyn
Now I've written
Your love
On my forehead
With an indelible ink
While I'm walking
On the water
Of your love
Do not let me sink.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Origin Of The Nigerian Money Market

Speaking of Nigeria from the angle of commerce and geographical status, Nigeria is one the West African nations with a mixed economy and a very vast expanding manufacturing, financial, service, communications, technology and entertainment sectors. It is ranked as the 21st largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP.The Nigeria money market started with the operation of the Treasury Bills Ordinance of 1959 and 1960. Before the passing of the Treasury Bills Ordinance in 1959 there was no organized domestic money market in Nigeria. The financial system was linked to London market.Nigerian businessmen and government has no effective machinery for mobilizing funds for their business and development respectively. Aside the effective mobilization of funds problems, all the benefits of a money market eluded the country. The motivation for the establishment of Nigeria money market was then pertinent.The following prompted or motivated the establishment of the Nigerian money market:-1)…

My Bidvertiser Few Bitter Experience Before Glory

When I created an article regarding Propellerads Skyrocketing CPM, I mentioned that when the time comes, I will be sharing my experience as a publisher with bidvertiser,com; I guess now is the time.Like I said before that I dropped Propellerads due to its $100 minimum threshold which I considered to be very huge for my small blog then I started publishing Bidvertiser ads. Why?1) Bidvertiser always surface among the top lists of AdSense alternatives (only God knows why).
2) Bidvertiser operates an immediate approval for publishers.
3) Bidvertiser knows how to generate clicks than other AdSense alternatives I've tried on my small blog.
4) Bidvertiser banner click on my small blog pays a lot higher than that of Exoclick, Infolinks, and Infinityads.
5) Bidvertiser has a minimum payout of $10 (very small enough to test whether Bidvertiser is legit or scam).If one is naive, one will blame Google for scolding Bidvertiser and other dubious advertising networks but Google is fairly right.…

Bidvertiser's Facebook/Twitter Promotion To Get $10

Facebook/Twitter Promotion - Get Extra $10 !!!We are speaking from the angle of online business and income generation where a blog or website owner can generate income to sustain the website and himself/herself. Actually, it may seem this offer is only for webmasters or blog owners who use Bidvertiser,com as one of the mediums to monetize their website(s) or blog(s) but anyone willing to become a publisher can join Bidvertiser via the following referral link.
The good thing about Bidvertiser is that it belongs to one of the instant approval networks for publishers. Meaning that, as an AdSense alternative, it approves even a day-old website or blog in as much as such website or blog have few useful contents. Though there are other online advertisement networks that approve publishers without rigorous review (the likes of chitika ads network, popcash ads network, propellerad network, revenuehits ads network, etc) but from personal experience, I can vouch for Bidvertiser when it comes to…

The Common Causes of Clutch Drag

As stated in one of our posts, Clutch is a device used for interrupting power transmission, commonly between engine and gearbox in a car or an automobile.If the clutch fails to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel when the clutch pedal is pressed, it is referred to as a clutch drag.Below are the common causes of drag clutch and how they can be remediated:-#1. There will be a dragging clutch if the facings of driven plate are broken. The remedy to such problem is to replace the facings with new one.#2. There could be a case of improper pedal adjustment hampering the movement of the release bearing.
The remedy to such problem is to simply correct the misadjusted pedal.#3. Clutch dragging could be as a result of oil or grease on the driven plate facings.
The remedy is to fix new facings.#4. Pilot bearing or bushings of clutch shaft binding.
Renewal or lubrication of the pilot bearing is the remedy.#5. If the clutch compartment is dirty or attracted dusty or obstructing substances, th…




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