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The Common Causes of Clutch Drag

As stated in one of our posts, Clutch is a device used for interrupting power transmission, commonly between engine and gearbox in a car or an automobile.

If the clutch fails to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel when the clutch pedal is pressed, it is referred to as a clutch drag.

Below are the common causes of drag clutch and how they can be remediated:-

#1. There will be a dragging clutch if the facings of driven plate are broken. The remedy to such problem is to replace the facings with new one.

#2. There could be a case of improper pedal adjustment hampering the movement of the release bearing.
The remedy to such problem is to simply correct the misadjusted pedal.

#3. Clutch dragging could be as a result of oil or grease on the driven plate facings.
The remedy is to fix new facings.

#4. Pilot bearing or bushings of clutch shaft binding.
Renewal or lubrication of the pilot bearing is the remedy.

#5. If the clutch compartment is dirty or attracted dusty or obstructing substances, there will be a dragging problem.
The remedy is to dismantle clutch from flywheel and clean the units.

#6. Misalignment between the engine and splined clutch shaft.
The remedy is to check over and correct the alignment.

#7. When a faulty assembling leads to the driven plate been distorted, the clutch will drag.
Fitting new driven-plate assembly, by using a jack to take the overhanging weight of the gearbox; such is the remedy.

#8. If the pressure plate or clutch cover is damaged, there will be a case of dragging in the clutch.
The remedy is to renew the defective part.

#9. Another cause can be driven-plate hub binding on splined shaft.
The remedy is to clean up splines and lubricate with small quantity of high-melting-point grease.

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