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Solid As Psalm Ninety One Verse Ten

When a child knows how to wash clean
Easily he enjoys pounded yam with elderlies

I have washed clean; I am bath clean
He or them that cannot bath clean

Their clothes are stolen by god of the wind
God Favor; please, fracture me not

Not lacking anything good
Whenever I earn I earn money

Not pain not sorrow not mourning
Not anything harmful can come nigh me

Like the fateful day
Orunmila was threading the windy land

Storm began to pack everything
Wind began to blow everything

Orunmila the solely untouched
"Why such?" they began to inquire

Who you see is not who I am
I'm immortal threading your mortal land

No evil can ever touch nor befall me
I'm solid as Psalm ninety-one verse ten.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

The Fresh Job Vacancies

As at the moment, Nigerians seeking job opportunities now have the opportunity to apply for the various vacancies listed below:

1. Access Bank Fresh Graduate Trainees Recruitment 2017 
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2. UBA Bank Fresh Graduate Trainee Recruitment 2017
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3. Stanbic IBTC Bank Nationwide Graduates Recruitment 2017 
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4. OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) Scholarship 2017 
As the title says, this one is for those seeking scholarship-  Check Here >>>

5. Customer Care Officers Job at AETI Power Systems and Controls Limited
This one involves have ability, time and patience to attend to customers. For those who have experience in such area - Check Here >>>

6. Law Union and Rock Insurance Plc Massive Recruitment 2017 
If you have certificate or experience that can land you insurance job- Check Here >>>

7. Graduate / Management Trainee Recruitment in a Food and Beverages Industry
This one is for the food and beverage industry; you just check to see if your service may be needed- Check Here >>>

8. Sansvid M. International Entry Level recruitment 2017 

9. Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2017 
This one is the biggest of the list that's why the best is saved for the last. Nigerian Air Force; if you're interested - Check Here >>>

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If I Become President Today

If I become president today
I'll focus on leaders of tomorrow
Schooling is too long and meaningless
I'll adopt schooling_ short and meaningful
Fulltime from primary to J. S. 2
Then two years schooling while working
No strike, no absurd curriculum,
No unstable and destabilizing school fee
No segregated school for looters' kids
No federal school, state school or mega school
No community school or Christian school
No Muslim or private or military school
School is school; why these adjective for God sake?
In unity we stand; divided we fall
This dying education I will reawake
Fifty percent budget for school and welfare
In unity we stand; divided we fall
No career must earn higher than teacher
If I become president today
I'll focus on a better tomorrow
What is worth doing is worth doing well
I'll create NYSC and post-NYSC scheme
No crappy Sure-Pee, or crappy related nonsense
Not even the mediocre Hemp-power scheme
With flimsy hope snatched after two years
If I become president today_
Well, only God knows tomorrow
I'll create a rock solid youth empowerment
Build a social atmosphere in orphanages
I see waifs and strays and lunatics roam the street...
A conducive rehab I'll put in place
A godfearing welfare scheme for the aged
For these hardworking adults of today
To sit peacefully in their peaceful smart-homes
And watch youths governor their tomorrows;
It is now proven here and there, everywhere
Any nation governed by a fidgety gray hair,
Is a failed and decomposing one.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


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