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To Dead Activists Of Good Cause

I lingered longer at history
Standing skin-dark staring at me
His crying hypnotized my pen
Converted my ink to verses
Activism_ no such in my gene
Yet, I respect all the lost breaths
Lost breaths of good cause_
Age-long or recent fresh
I know you already know the lists
Listing one by one will prompt
Carnibals flashing teeth at me
Adieu, Ó dàrìnàkò, Till we meet again
Your good cause is everlasting sacrifice
All you dead activists of good cause
You pregnant cassavas uprooted
By evil hoes at wrong moment and time
And not long, and not far;
Carma, we see you
Dishing the ten generational judgement
With their own fingers inflaming
Their own ancestral mosaic homes
While pitiable stories erupt
From their environs like volcano
God, please, erase tribalism
From faces of these 180 million population
Permitting indelible oneness
On skin of these 180 million population
For our patriotic unity and peace
To reign even when there's no world cup.Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with …

The Vampire Dairy And Colleagues

Was told that bats sit upsidedown
I see these bats wearing white attire
Neatly ironed with shining shoes
Sitting on a throne to suck dry to skeleton
The dwellers of this fertile landscape
The oil polluted land of milk and honey
These heartless white wearing bats I see with my iris
Are trusted heads and very well respected
First feather their own vanity nests
"Why treat us like this?" people cried
"Every mad man will hoe to his own side"
Their gap-tooth mockingly replied the electorates
They gather at the religious cemetery
To redesign the land's poverty
Where are their conscience bestowed?
Where are their humanity thrown?
Ditch, river, gutter, canal
In human skin but heart of animals
They are the mixture of broom and umbrella
They are the heads of states
They are not just the heads of states
They are the heads of the poverty states
They are the heads of the ritualist states
They are the heads of the looting states
They are the heads of the hungry states
They ar…




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