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The New Ponzie Pitfall (thebillioncoin)

Just of recent, I've been hearing on the local radio, some aggressive persons inviting people to seminars on how to become a billionaire by investing in TheBillionCoin (TBC).

I thought it through and said to myself, it's not up to a year that people received their painful blows from MMM, soon some have already dug themselves in another hole called thebillioncoin; what a pity.

Part of my research led me to certain website that warned people that "thebillioncoin" is a scam. The website is extrahola-dot-com but I wasn't surprised when I found that many evil advocates of thebillioncoin had already bombarded comment box of the article at extrahola-dot-com with lots of dubious and deceitful comments to convince the readers that the admin at extrahola-dot-com was wrong.

I noted that those evil commenters had fake and wrongly spelt names. Another reason I believe that thebillioncoin (TBC) is a pitfall is that those who have found themselves in it are aggressively looking for way out by luring new people to join that is why they are desperate to sell their TBC coins to newcomers at a very low cost. Some free seminar organizers are looking forward to sell the TBC coin to attendees for twnenty thousand naira (#20,000) very tricky I must confess.

2017 Glo Mega Music Tour; Taking From The Poor To Give The Rich

Whenever music is mentioned, most people refer to it as food to the soul; truly that is what it is. Music is formed from combination of well organized sounds to create melody and harmony which can be clapped to, swayed to or danced to.

Globacom organized the 2017 Mega Music Tour out of the motivation that music is loved by all; both the young and old, fool and wise, normal and insane. The 2017 Glo Mega Music Nationwide Tour will have musicians such as Olamide, Flavour, Runtown, Omawumi, Yemi Alade, PSquare, Phyno, Timaya, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello, Di’Ja, Kiss Daniel, etc.

The mega music tour will run between April and October which as a way of *appreciating Glo customers and Nigerians in general* (how I wish it is true). The ticket to the concerts are said to be *free* but with a clause, "before anyone can win, such must have made a Glo recharge of at least #2000. What an Indirect Way of Taking from the Poor and Giving to the Rich!

Globacom Telecommunication is Africa’s biggest and best telecommunications network with millions of subscribers in Nigeria, Republic of Benin and Ghana. The company is also known for sponsoring of the Nigerian national football teams and the Premier Leagues in Nigeria and Ghana, African Handball tournament in Benin Republic, the annual Confederation of African Football (CAF) Awards since 2005, the Glo Lagos International Half Marathon, etc.

Fresh Vacancy: University Librarian

Starting 12th of October, 2017, the post of librarian will be open to qualified person at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

What are the Required Qualification?

1. A minimum of fifteen (15) years cognate experience.
2. At least a Master's Degree in Library Science; Doctorate Degree will be an added advantage.
3. Evidence of substantial contribution to knowledge through research and scholarly publications in reputable Journals.
4. Proficiency in management and administration, capability to initiate research and be knowledgeable in the application of Computer to Library operations and services.

(NOTE:- The ideal candidate should have been a Deputy University Librarian or its equivalent for not less than five (5) years.)


Applicants must submit a set of their credentials and thirty-five (35) typewritten copies of their applications, giving the following information in the order listed below:

i. Full Names:

ii. Post Desired and Department:

iii. Date of Birth:

iv. Place of Birth and State of Origin:

v. Nationality:

vi. Permanent Home Address:

vii. Current Postal Address:

viii. Cell Phone Number:

ix. E-mail Address:

x. Marital Status:

xi. Number of Children with Names and Ages:

xii. Institutions Attended (with dates):

xiii. Pure Academic Qualifications (with dates):

xiv. Professional Qualifications (with dates)

xv. List of Publications with Details of Title, Publishers or Journals dates and pages (where applicable):

xvi. Working Experience (General and Specific Experience with dates):

xvii. Details of administrative experience and service to the Community (with status and dates):

xviii. Present Employment, Status, Salary and Employer;

xix. Extra-Curricular Activities:

xx. Names and Addresses of Three Referees (two of whom must be professionals or authorities in relevant fields) who must be requested by the applicant to forward directly to the Registrar, confidential Reports on the applicant indicating the post desired."

Details regarding the (i) Condition of Service, (ii) Salary, (iii) Duty, (iv) Appointment Protocol, can be FULLY READ HERE >>>

Few Easy Investmement Opportunities for Small Scall Business Seekers


Is it possible to go into business without sufficient capital? The simple answer to the question here is "it depends". In respect to a very small scale business, capital, which happens to be the hold for many people, is not a big deal because there are 1001 small scale businesses that a willing person can enter against all odds. When there is will, there will surely be a way because thoughts are said to be things and the moment a mind is made up, the path to follow is paved though most of these paths are foggy at first (they require the radar of experience to see); they do not require huge capital and issues such as office can be ignored because most small scale businesses can be done in the tiny square of a living home.

Let's talk about money, it is thought by many that the issue of money come before the business and since money is not alway very easy to come by, they swiftly bury their dreams of setting up a business. As said earlier, start-up capital should not be prioritized in setting up a small scale business. It is sometimes difficult to identify viable projects, but that precisely is the beginning of starting a business. We have identified over one hundred business opportunities for small scale categories and few of which are listed below:

(1) Firewood Supply
(2) Growing vegetable During the Dry Season
(3) Packaging of Food Items
(4) Meat Retailing
(5) Plantain Production
(6) Restaurant(”Buka”) Service
(7) Backyard Poultry Raising
(8) Rabbit Raising
(9) Organizing Labour Squads
(10) Operating a Nursery for Children
(11) Child Minding
(12) Home Laundry Service
(13) Arranging Foods for Parties
(14) Arranging Drinks for Parties
(15) Designing and Making Children Dresses
(16) Raising of Pets

Most small scale businesses are good and encouraging because they don't require huge or wide division of operation, they run with a very low investment cost and give the sole owner the privilege and free-hand to experiment with ideas. A proverb says "one cannot move without the head moving" which means that every action has its shortcomings. Small scale businesses do have their own lapses which I will rather make another day's discussion.   

Real Cost of Capital Differs From Money Cost of Capital


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