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PayPal and Payoneer Now Available With Propellerads

Around 10:15 p.m. yesterday, I was still chatting a friend on WhatsApp when I suddenly received Propellerads contact titled "PropellerAds and PayPal". The full detail is that the online advertising network has finally come to an agreement with PayPal, the world flexible payment wallet on the internet. PropellerAds Media which currently works with advertisers and publishers, has gathered huge recognition since its inception and has continue to rank among the fast growing advertising companies of this era by retaining its solid strategies for planning and implementing profitable online advertising campaigns.
The message I received about the PayPal payment information goes thus: "Dear Partner, We have started working with PayPal. As our trusted partner, you are among the first publishers to use the new payout method. We have just enabled it in your account... blah blah blah"

The thing is that I reside where PayPal seems impossible as a means of payout because not all country can receive payment via PayPal even though residence of many countries have the freedom to make purchases with PayPal. PayPal Holdings, Inc. been the world largest internet payment wallet was created in the year 1998 as an online payment system offering online money transfer and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

Instead of PayPal, I have been cashing out with Payoneer, the best alternative to PayPal.

13 Reason To Start A Business Enterprise

1.       Are you scared about your job? 
      Most people are not happen with the job they found themselves. Some people’s workloads are every unbearable, causing them unspeakable stress. Over dependency on regular salary is hazardous especially these days when rights of workers are dragged in the mug. A created personal enterprise can guarantee a lasting income generation.

2.       Are you feeling like in-soup? 
      It is commonly said “If you are in a hole, stop digging” the problem is how to stop.Bills-piled-up is a hole; religious responsibilities and other responsibilities an adult must fulfill are holes. It is hard to determine when one is living above means because spending can turn to addiction hard to cure. Setting up a business of your own can boost financial status and eventually cushion the burdens of responsibilities.

3.       Are you tenacious in nature? 
      If yes, you need to create your own enterprise and channel your tenacity towards what can earn you and your upcoming generations a fulfilled living on earth. Sometimes a business can toss the owner like a storm and make he/she wants to give up but a good business man never give up.

4.       Do you already have liquidity investment(s)? 
      I mean you have invested in bonds, shares, etc. It is never a waste if you diversify your income source at least if one aspect goes down the other will sustain. The one of the major success secrets of the evergreen millionaires in the world. A magazine I once read talked about Late. Folawiyo, one of the well known business moguls in Nigeria. The magazine pointed that the man had investment in all business sectors (both home and abroad)_ mining, agriculture, education, et cetera.

5.       Do have some resources lying waste? 
      A vast area of undeveloped land, abandoned warehouse, stashed cash or anything with collateral worth; few of the mentioned should motivate you into starting a business of your own. A friend of mine successfully reared 3000 catfish in a gigantic long abandoned water reservoir; none believe such abandoned thing can be useful for such.

6.       Do you have positive motivation like the desire to make money, make things happen, do something worthwhile and enjoy the power derived from successful entrepreneurship? 
      I bet you need to join the league of entrepreneurs.

7.       Are you a very hardworking person? 
      Then it’s best you put one and two together and start your own business. Allow me ask you the same question Robert Kiyosaki normally ask in his books “Who are you enriching?” It is very certain that 80% of adults on earth are running  the rat-race of paid employment, human power is very vast and can accomplish multitask. I love many government employed primary school teacher, even when their jobs seems 100% secure, they still engage in varying businesses to support their stable constant monthly pay-cheque. Every effort in life requires strategy and stamina but the best thing is to channel them toward a laudable course.

8.       Are you good at handling heaven-is-about-to-fall situations? 
      You are fit to have a business of your own. One of the good qualities of a leader is to possess stability. A positive and stable leader will always showcase a good business judgment in terms of risk taking.

9.       Are you good at identifying opportunities in time and place? 
       It is longer a strange news that many billionaire business owner of the world today found themselves ahead of the crown because they can strongly discern; by now you will have few list of the names parading your mind. Such ability works like magic for those who are not afraid to put them into use, even the person who created whatsapp will be thanking God every wake of his day for been blessed with the ability to discern.

10.   Are you a creator of new ideas? 
      The business world is waiting you so stop procrastinating and start practicing your new ideas. A new idea doesn’t have to be something eyes have never seen, it can just be a modification of something in existence for ease of you. Android has been in existence (a modification of java). It is true that African are so full negative critics and destroyers of dreams, they are fond of condemning what is theirs; when they see little boy reassemble a disposed radio set, they will scold the boy instead of encourage him. From what is heard and what is read, the popular facebook started from university environment but imagine Zukerberg was trying to create facebook in one of the universities in Africa, I’m very certain there won’t be anything like facebook today; that is how pathetic Africans anti-growth has highly grown. Despite Africa being a landmine of endless ideas, millions of undeveloped ideas decay each day.
11.   Are you constantly seeking what you are very good at? 
      It shows you detest a wasted talent. You deserve to set up a business of your own which will put you in the position to try-out different businesses and even be creative with what is yours since freedom gives free to creativity.

12.   Are you a lover of growth research?
      Growth research in terms of reading business books; listening to podcasts, audiobook and audio tapes; attending workshop, conferences and seminars; watching business videos. These forms of investments are found in well known business owners and directly and indirectly have added to their business growth and will continue to.

13.   Are you passionate about hobbies? 
    Such hobby can be easily turned into a money making machine. John C. Maxwell says and I quote “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda” and such agenda are fueled by passion. Every passionate person deserves to be an employer of labour because without passion for the business or an enterprise, business cannot grow.

Procrastination Is A Bad Seamstress

Procrastination is a bad seamstress
That can finally sew dungarees
For someone hoping to wear skirt
And I will kill it tomorrow
And I will kill it tomorrow
Yet the feet is yet to kill the palm kernel
O! Procrastination is never the thief of time
Time the unstoppable timekeeper
Procrastination is never the thief of time
Solely the thief of dreams_ huge and small
Why is someone still chasing P.G.D.
At the age of ninety three?
Why is someone still hoping to marry
 With gray hair and start a family?
Everyone wants to make hay while the sun shines

Cunning Chess Game 1

With the look of things, it is crystal clear that someone is winning while the other is losing; the one million dollar question is "how did they get here?"

This is how the game commenced, where white played 1. f3 and immediately followed with 2. c3 then the drama got deeper as follows:
1. f3 e5 2. c3 d5 3. Kf2 Nf6 4. d4 exd4 5. cxd4 c5 6. e3 Nc6 7. Bb5 Bd6 8. Ne2 o-o 9. Nd2 Qb6 

At this point, white player had nothing to do than to fulful the mission of the bishop at b5 square which means eliminating the black queen's knight: 10. Bxc6 cxd4 11. exd4 bxc6 12 Qc2 Ba6 13. Nb3 Rae8 14. Re1 Rxe2+ 15. Kxe2 Re8+ 16. Kf2 

From the image above, it is certain that the next thing black will do is capture pawn on h2 square (surely a free pawn it is) but... lets just keep enjoying the funny game:
Bxh2 17. Bd2 Qb5 18. Re1 Rxe1 19. Bxe1 

Thinking the knight will move to the h5 square but it didn't, who knew what would have happen if it did (maybe Nh5 20. g4 Nf4 21. Nc5) okay I can't quite figure out how the knight move will favor the black player. Let head back to the game sequence:
Bd6 20. Nc5 Bxc5 21. dxc5 Nd7 22. b4 a5 23. a4 Qc4 24. Qxc4 dxc4 25. b5 Nxc5 26. bxc6 Ne6 27. Bxa5

At this point, white has regained its lost pawn and seems at advantage. I am sure that a professional reading this post will have seen the black's flaws; be that as it may, the game shamefully continued thus: Kf8 28. c7 Nxc7 29. Bxc7 Ke7 30. a5 Kd7 31. Be5 g5 32. g4 Kc6 33. Ke3 Kb5 34. Bc7 Kc6 35. Bd8 Kb5 36. f4 h6 37. Kd4 Ka6 38. Kxc4 Ka7 39. Kd5 Ka6 40. Ke5 Kb5 41. Kf6 Ka6 42. Kxf7 Kb5... Nothing in the rest of the game deserved further posting. What do you think about this game? Don't forget that Cunning Chess Game 2 is coming up next_ wait for it.

Can You Become A Stock Exchange Millionaire? You Can't!

Can You Become A Stock Exchange Millionaire? You Can’t!

It is true that being a stock exchange expert investor can turn you to a millionaire but such is attainable in a land where businesses and investments flow the proper way. In a land where consumers’ rights are not pushed aside, and cooperate laws are not cloned to favor the moguls at the expense of the dummy startups. Such fair playground is lacking in Africa.

In the middle of 2015 year calendar, Nigeria, among many other African countries, witnessed a hyping stock exchange public offers coupled with the help of radio and tv publicity which goaded many people into believing their poverty messiah has come to their aids; all in the name of becoming a company shareholder, many even went to the extent of securing loans to buy stocks, some sold their lands, et cetera. It didn’t take long before reality stared them face-to-face, they realized their expectations will require ten generations to come before it could be achievable and then they resigned to fate. 

Till this moment, some people’s investment in stock exchange have yielded nothing, some people can only point at their constant dividend cheques, while some people can only boast of ever-increasing bonuses and dividends; all these are based on their medium of investment. Some invested in *hogwash* kind of companies while others invested in well organized companies; and such made the difference in their ROI (Returns on Investment).

The Investment Books and The Truth About Investment

My neighbor read about stock exchange investment strategy in one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books, she swiftly jumped into the pool of stock exchange investment in Nigeria not realizing that even though a business strategy can work anywhere around the globe; but the investment atmosphere in America is vastly different from that of Nigeria. She bought the JAPAUL OIL public offer but to her utmost chagrin, the values kept deflating helplessly_ I assure you, if anyone this day mentions stock exchange business to her hearing, she will devour such with hate utterances.

 I will like to mention that I have had the opportunity to read few of Robert Kiyosaki’s booksand the investment strategies mentioned therein is working for those who patiently digested his principles: I mean those who haven’t leave experts out of the picture, those who work hand-in-hand with brokers, those who pay their brokers well. The major mistake made by my neighbor was she felt she could DIY (Do It Yourself) policy which is very disastrous when it comes to investing money. 

The moral lesson here is simple; anyone who wants to invest money whether he or she resides in Africa or anywhere else must first consult competent financial experts.

Lesson From Experience

With my thirteen years experience in stock exchange investment, the truth is that stock exchange investment in Nigeria cannot make you rich overnight, neither can it turn a waif-and-stray into a millionaire like a magic wand. A good stock exchange investment can only sustain; it can only make a millionaire remain millionaire and a pauper remains a pauper (maybe some sort of miracle might change my philosophy in long generations to come) when investment in Nigeria is not coordinated under the canopy of greed and deceit. 

You might have anything to say about this article, endeavor to leave a comment and bookmark this blog for reminder purpose. 

Top 3 Analyzed Poem Of Kofi Awoonor

#1. Analysis Of The Cathedral By Kofi Awoonor
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#2. Analysis Of The Anvil And The Hammer By Kofi Awoonor
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#3. Song Of Sorrow 1 And 2 By Kofi Awoonor (Imagery)
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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time
In the kingdom far away
Where achievement of men
Depicted the worth of men

A poet and a welder
Shared a same abode:
Poet molded words
Welder molded rods

Month in, month out
Each in his craft;
Poet's pocket flattened
Welder's pocket fattened

Then decades washed  many years away
And many centuries came to the surface;
All the works of poet firmly continued to stay,
Those works of the welder are washed away.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Those With Higher School Certificate Versus Those Without Higher School Certificate

Graduate can be referred to as a person who has received a degree or diploma on completing a course of study, as in a university, college, or school. On the other hand, the opposite of graduate is referred to as undergraduate; meaning someone who is yet to receive a degree or diploma on a particular study.

This article tends to discuss the rarely addressed rivalry between the graduates (those privileged to acquire degree on a study) and the undergraduates (those without the privilege to acquire degree on a study).

In Africa of today, take Nigeria as a case study, there is loudly resonating level of graduates unemployment. This has given rise to bogus rivalry between those privileged to become graduate and those who are not privileged; in terms of, which of the two varying paths is now worthwhile than the other.

From the onset, the voices of those who could not acquired school degree  or diploma had been of hate and jealousy whenever they wanted to talk about the issue of having a degree certificate but today, their voices has aggravated to that of pride, pomposity and arrogance whenever they harness the opportunity to talk about the issue of going to higher institute of learning to acquire degree.

Nowadays, they create unnecessary competition with any of their neighbors who happens to be either unemployed graduate or under-employed graduate. Some go to the extent of getting loans to surpass whatever material graduated-neighbors had acquired. On many occasions, direct and indirect derogatory utterances are never far from such people; you hear them say things like:-
"what nonsense paper does he/she carry?"
"they have vocabulary but nothing to show for"

The current condition of high level of unemployment has also discouraged many *shortsighted* parents; they now prefer to push their teenage wards into being commercial motorcyclist, commercial motorist, secondhand cloth hawking, NURTW ticket-boy, roadside vulcanizer, bricklayer, etc. One pathetic father was making noise one day, he was loudly saying "I planned that when my son complete his secondary school, I won't boarder think of UTME examination! He would rather learn fashion designing! At least, bulk of those who graduated from the higher institutions are jobless roaming the street!" I was coming from work that fateful afternoon, my mind was like "why are many parents so pessimistic? Why do they keep judging their own life with failure? Why have they failed to see bulk of graduates who are gainfully employed and reaping the fruit (B.A.) (B. Sc.) (M. Sc.) (Ph. D.)?

It's not surprising that the government of the day, is not even putting effort towards eliminating the skyrocketing unemployment in the country instead they preach self-employment which none of them practice.


Before you
Decide to deposit your secrets in someone,
First give
A fake profile of yours for a month

To see if
they won't broadcast your fake up and down;

Some people are descendants
Of that snitching Judas Iscariot.

Before you
deeply fall in love with someone,
First be
their irritating turndown for a month

To see if
they can cope your imperfections;

Not every man will be like Romeo
Nor every woman Juliet.

Before you
Decide to die for someone;
First be
Their parasitic burden for a month

To see if
They worth gambiting your soul for;

Or have you not seen how
water betrays the fish in cooking pot?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


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