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Trampling The Teachers' Rights

When a student offends the teacher
He's asked to kneel and raise hands
The most handy punishment

Why is Nigerian education standard
Kneeling and raising his hands?
Been punished by the teachers

You have offended the teachers
With low income scheme
Low budget for pedagogy

Asylum promotion plans
Archaic classrooms setting
Handicapped hope for the future

Mr Education-Minister
You keep tossing your teachers stipend
Your kids are at the receiving end

Lacking education at its best:
Letter E is now for Hippopotamus
Garden egg is a monocotyledonous plant

If a psycho-imbalance civil engineer
Void of curricular gimmicks
Is chosen an Education Minister,

No wonder frustration
Metamorphosed an inborn carpenter
Into an overnight class teacher

Shouting SOS to the deaf ears_
Nigerian standard of learning
Is been hauled to the sea of lost

Attend seminars and workshops of doctors
The atmosphere is tempting and rosy
like a billionaire's wedding

Attend seminars and workshops of engineers
The atmosphere is like birthday party
Of a wealthy monarch

Attend seminars and workshops of teachers
The atmosphere is like a burial rite
Of a mass murder

Weytin dem teasha do una sef?
What exactly is the offense of teachers
That you left unkempt like a barbarian beards?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo With Wings Flying)

The Blind Spot In Blogging For Money

There is this phrase that will keep haunting you on the internet world like a wicked ghost; and what is the phrase? It is called "Huge Traffic".

Wherever you run to for blogging solution, the prophetic reoccurring response is "You need to build a huge customer base" which simply means that you need a very huge traffic to pay you for your efforts on the Internet. Most of the generous people you consult for help will then dish out lengthy ways to acquire huge traffic online (though some of their suggestions may or may not work for you) based on so many factors such as your niche, your financial status, your geo-location, etc.

Your mentor, your tutor, your consultant, or whatever you call him/her will tell you about Search Engine and Search Engine Ranking, Social Network and Social Signals which at the moment of writing this post are topping the lists of traffic generation strategies.

Most importantly, they don't tell you that you need to gain the ability to answer the question of "What is the Link between Social Signals and Your Search Ranking?"

If you are still blogging for fun or let me refer to it as blogging your hobby, then this post won't make meaning to your conscious spirit at this time but I bet you that your subconscious is holding a pen and paper and jotting it for your possible future need. For the readers whose focus is to commercialize their blogging efforts, missing out on the "6 First Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers" is a big sin that you are not expected to commit. It is said that what separated extraordinary achievers from the ordinary achievers is just the prefix "extra" and the extra at this juncture can be referred to as not allowing yourself to miss out on the fact you deserve to know.

Sincerely yours, you will keep hearing the lamentation: Traffic! Traffic!! Traffic!!!
Are you now telling me that everyone one having the required amount of internet traffic are having their funnels overflowing; I mean their income funnels? At this smart era of ours, statistics have shown that potential money for every blogger is in mobile than desktop implying that mobile customers or clients must be taken seriously. Building status, trust and credibility are not just enough if you are still wig-washing on the part of landing page and the perfection of its design. "7 Key Design Elements for a Mobile Landing Page that Converts" should worth your time if you keenly believe your customers deserve the best from you.

Contest: 2017 Wiki Loves Earth Nigeria

The 2017 Wiki Loves Earth Nigeria is a photo-submission contest organized by wikimedia (one among the arms in free archive project)

How To Stop Receiving Unwanted Website Notification

For the past two weeks I have been receiving news update from a strange website with the URL eagleheadline.

Only God knows how their malicious software find a way into my mobile device and PC; a website I had never visited before not to mention suscribing for its updates. Though some of the updates were good but the majority were crappest of craps (which makes me wonder is this a news).

Nigerians Are Applying For The MasterCard Job Opening

MasterCard, one of the world leader in the issuance of ATM card has decided to put an open vacancy in Nigeria for Nigerians.
The job location is Lagos, Nigeria and the available position has the title: Manager Implementation Follow This Here To Apply>>>

Why I Ask Why

When I say my poetry
I hear many umbilical tongues
Mock my passionate evergreens

They say samueldpoetry
Why art thou weep for help
For help none wouldst bestow

My helps are sure from the Maker-of-my-Soul
My God, My Creator, My All-In-All
Always been there_ now and back then
When swimming for the fallopian

I cry not for self nor self gain
I cry for the flaws of my soil
I wonder why none care for fairness

The poor are pleased to be poor
The rich are pleased to be riding
The poor, and the richly poor in devil-three-way

Why many African mothers hatch their children
Vulnerable to hawk of poverty
That is the point why I cry

Why are these elderly eyes ignoring
The strained babies neck in the market
Showing how selfishness has thrived

Why are talented thefts a precious pearl in this environment
Why are dungeons of missing souls
Escalating in this millennium of ours

I am forced to cry why
And keep wondering why wars and cessations
In Africa a fun game they play

I am forced to cry
Why are they strongly setting this earth of ours
On lake of fire to destroy

O! why is our cries unheard by these wicked hearts
O! Why is our plights still wandering desert of nonchalancy
And why is there no head to tell us why

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo With Wings Flying)

What Paid Me When iCharity Didn't

They said the peer-to-peer donation platforms do fetch people some money, at first I didn't believe it could but too many testimonies from people in many neighborhood pushed me into giving one of them a trial. I went for the iCharityClub Ng; putting 6 thousand in the of getting 30 thousand. After many efforts I realized that strives were futile so I decided drop the iCharityClub Ng campaign with the conclusion that iCharityClub Website won't work for me though it is helping many others to fulfill their desires.

Reasons Why Food And Kitchen Business Is Trending Online

One of the trending business online is the food and kitchen business; one might be forced to ask why?

Everything moves and so kitchen and cooking recipes are moving as well. The look of kitchens and cooking utentils this day is far different from the look ten years back. Pros are now reaping the benefits of creativities and leading the kitchen and food industry (both online and offline)

#1. Health Reason: Everyone is conscious of what goes into their intestine and by so doing the best healthy recipe book is sort after. Prevention is better than cure, everyone is watching weight and the easiest way to do it is target less calory or less fatty food.

#2 Time Reason: There are lots to cover within the limited 24 hours of a rolling day. Many daily activities to cover in terms of work, leisure and other asides which are different from cooking sessions of the day. People prefer to order their food from quality and trusted commercial kitchens than to spend time cooking.

#3 Invention Reason: Art is more of creativity and the act of cooking is more of art than science. This era where the world is compressed but new inventions are limited, the inventions in cooking skills attract a lot of peoples attention making the food and kitchen business a very trending stuff on the internet.

To get more of the fresh and trending kitchen and recipes, Follow The Best Food Blogs Here>>>

Chess Game; Stock Fish VS Chessmaster 8000

This a very interesting chess game between two chess engines (Stock Fish vs Chesssmaster 8000) and this game proved that Chessmaster 8000 is such a weak engine which is only useful for tutoring anyone who needs a fundamental knowledge of the game of chess; Its knowledge base is below the new generation chess machines. From my own point of view, both engines play chess with different philosophies. While Stock Fish plays every move to command the respect of oppenent in terms of decision making, Chessmaster 8000 still plays the game on the basis of war (Attack-or-Defend-principle).


The game commenced: 1. e4 e5  2. Nf3 Nc6  3. d4 exd4  4. Nxd4 Bc5  5. Be3 Bb6  6. Nc3 Nge7  7. Be2 o-o  8. o-o d6  9. Nxc6 Nxc6  10. Bxb6 axb6  11. f4 Ra5  12. a3 Qf6 

I think the flaws of Chessmaster engine began when the queen goes to the f6 square because the move energized Stock Fish to the extent that black couldn't make any advantage off the semi-open "a-file". The game rolled on as follows 13. Bd3 Be6  14. Rf2 Rc8  15. f5 Bd7  16. Nd5 Qg5  17. f6 Be6  18. fxg7 Kxg7  19. c4 Ne5  20. Qc2 Ng4  21. Rf3 Qe5  22. Nf4 Kh8  23. h3 Qc5+  24. Kh1 Ne5  25. Qc3 Raa8  26. Nd5 Rf8  27. Be2 f5  28. Raf1 Rg8  29. exf5 Bxd5  30. cxd5 Qxd5  31. R3f2 Qf7  32. Rc1 Rgc8  33. f6 c5  34. Rd1 Rd8  35. Rf5 Qe6 

It is no surprise that up till this move counts, the black queen couldn't find any positive duty on the board of play than to defend her faulty earlier action of jumping to f6 and sincerely yours, the queen defended all through till she ended up selling her soul to the slaughter as seen at the end of annotation  36. Rdf1 Qf7  37. Qd2 Qe6  38. f7 Rf8  39. Rf6 Qe7 40. Bh5 Ra4  41. R1f5 Rh4  42. Qg5 Rxh5  43. Qxh5 b5  44. Rf1 b4  45. axb4 cxb4  46. b3 b6  47. Qf5 Qc7  48. Qf4 Qe7  49. Qd4 Nc6  50. Qd5 Ne5  51. Re6 Qxf7

Most TV Drama Series Become Boring At Season 4

If you happen to be a student of art, exposed to deep study of poetry, prose and drama then you might be a movie freak like me. No wonder I love movies the same way I love artworks.

When everyone watches movie from where the action begins, a movie freak concentrates on the producer, the production, the location, the narratives, the camera proficiency (no wonder I dislike Saat Phere - Saloni Ka Safar; the camera rolls like a slideshow).

This post tends to share my feeling regards the TV drama series based on the point that most of them deviate from their actual storylines to serve hypnotized fans with diluted continuity using all sorts of tricks such as dead-resurrect-die-again characters.

At Season 4, most TV drama series make me ask "What do they think they are still doing, entertaining or hoodwinking?" Kudos to the old "The O.C. Season 1-4" for having a well planned storyline from start to finish, no off-track narration.

Nigeria, 2017

Azikiwe! You deserve to be angry
I can see your rages now
Thundering through the terrain of heaven
Your eyes strained seeing
This degrading politics of your motherland
Jaws tired of shouting
Ah! Ah!! Ah!!!
At thes unscrupulous policies of cabals
Seating in white laces
To sew masses their poverty gowns
Ask me not if they are flies
Buzzing this cake of ours
Ask me not if they are maggots
Eating deep into the national treasures
What a pity!
The West African Pilot is gone
We now wander in our hopeless west
No source to pilot us
Oh! Zik. Nigerian youths are not moving
Mould us Nigerian Youth Movement
To rekindle this light of legacies
Father, please!
You are the last chance of ours
The labours of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain.
The labours of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain.
The labours of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

Some Common Company Laws

Perpetual Succession
On incorporation, a company acquires perpetual succession and a common seal as a mark of authenticity of its actions. Perpetual succession means that the company remains forever while members and staff come and go. The only process that could lead to its demise is the legal process of winding up. As Lord Green stated in Stepney Corporation V Osofsky (1937) 3 ALL ER, 289, a company once incorporated does not die but may only be killed.

Legal Actions
Once a company is incorporated, it exist under its own separate name. By virtue of its separate legal existence, it acquires the right to sue and be sued in its corporate name. Litigation by and against it is in its own name and judgment recovered against it will be executed against its property and not that of the members. See Ejekam V Devon Industries Ltd (1998) 1 NWLR PT. 534, 44-7. See also Ivory Merchant Bank Ltd V Makham Co Ltd (2002) 1 NWLR PT. 747,74.

Right to Own Property
From the separate and juristic personality of a company arises the right to acquire, own and dispose of its property as it deems fit. The property belongs to it and not to the directors or members. Thus its decision to own or dispose of property is not the prerogative of the members of the company. This is confirmed by the court in macaura V Northern Assurance Co Ltd (1935) AC, 615 where the court confirmed that members of a company have no insurable interest in its property as the property belongs to the company.

Limited Liability
This is one of the most profound effects of incorporation of a company. It means that once the company comes into existence, the shareholders will only be liable for its debts to the extent of the unpaid part of their shareholding in the company. Thus on the winding up of the company, the members cannot be called upon to bear its debts except to the extent of their liability for their shareholding. See UBA Plc V Orharhuge (2000) 2 NWWLR PT. 645,500.

When God Created Man on June 12

Hopelessness is a choice
It is not a crude oil

Which can go off circulation
To maintain scarce position

When God created man on June 12
He created him arms to struggle

To struggle to survive every hood
To struggle to deal with daily

Dillydallies of life expectancies:
Food, shelter and clothings

Fantastic standard of living
Solar roofings, squandering DSTV

Common Vehicle Faults And Remedies

Stirring Stiffness
Speaking of possibility, an automobile steering might become rigid and painful to stir; what might be the probable causes?
An automobile steering is that which the driver uses in controlling the direction or guide the course of his or her automobile or car while in motion. Flexibility in the steering always aids the ease of an automobile navigation.

From experience, below are listed possible causes of a stiff steering:
(1)    The automobile may have a low or uneven tyre pressure
(2)    The automobile steering gear or connections adjusted may be done too tight
(3)    The front springs may be sagged
(4)    The front axle or suspension arms of the automobile may be bent or twisted
(5)    Another probable cause may be as a result of an excessive caster
(6)    The steering of an automobile may become stiff due to insufficient or incorrect lubricant used
(7)    Another probable cause may be due to frame bent or broken
(8)    The steering of an automobile may be stiff reacting to stub-axle knuckle bent

The solutions to the aforementioned possible causes of a stiff steering are to check one by one and readjust or correct the cause. Check wheel alignment by testing the camber, king-pin inclination and caster. Correct front axle as necessary. Replace independent front-wheel arms with new ones.

Front Wheel Alignment Check
In order to be able to check the front-end alignment, all checks must be made with the automobile level and with the weight of the automobile on the wheels. No load on the vehicle is usual, but in some cases a load is specified.
Before any attempt is made to check or adjust caster, camber, toe-in, king-pin inclination, or toe-out, an inspection routine should be made on parts which influence the steering of the automobile.

The inspection routine which must be carried out prior checking front-end alignment is as follows:
(1)    Inflate tyres to the recommended pressures
(2)    Check the adjustment of the front-wheel bearings, and correct if necessary
(3)    Also check steering-gear adjustment
(4)    Check the runout of wheels and tyres, and correct to 1/8in. if necessary
(5)    Also check the shock-absorber action, and correct if necessary
(6)    Check for looseness at the king-pin; if found excessive, it must be corrected as well before alignment readings will have any value
(7)    Check for looseness of track-rod ends, and replace if necessary
(8)    It is also necessary to check the front leaf springs (if fitted) and tighten U-bolts

(9)    Check the wheels and tyres for balance, and correct to specification if necessary.

Release-Lever Adjustment Necesities
Let’s try look at the method of release-lever adjustment when assembling a Borg and Beck clutch.
The release lever must be set by means of the special Borg and Beck according to the diagram below:
Assemble the gauge plate in the flywheel, in the position normally occupied by the driven plate, and mount the cover assembly on the flywheel, tightening the holding screw a turn at a time by diagonal selection and ensuring that the gauge plate is correctly centered with the three machined lugs directly under the release levers. Any position of the gauge-plate lugs will give satisfactory results on the 11-in. models which have four release levers.
After the cover assembly has been fitted to the flywheel, place a short straight-edge across the centre boss and the bearing surface of one release lever, then turn the adjusting nut until the lever is exactly the same height as the gauge-plate boss. Repeat the same process for the other levers.

  1. Flywheel is a rotating mass used to maintain the speed of a machine within certain limits while the machine receives or releases energy at a varying rate.
  2. Clutch is one of the pedals used between engine and gearbox in an automobile to disengage or interrupt power transmission.
  3. Gearbox is part of an automobile’s transmission containing the train of gears, and to which the gear lever is connected.
  4. Gear is a configuration of the transmission of an automobile or motor car so as to achieve a particular ratio of engine to axle torque.

Power Season 4 The Most Anticipated TV Show Comes Up June 25

Now that the whole focus is whether Ghost will come out of jail alive or dead, hopefully the privilege of weaving a better storyline around the imprisonment of Ghost will make this Season 4 better than the previous season (Season 3) which bored me and my fellow fans with countless of unnecessary obscene fill-ups.

As stated in an article at tvline website, "the season premiere will be available at 12:01 am that same day via the Starz app and On Demand."

Power (a TV Drama)
image from

For a quick recap, Ghost whose real name in the movie is Jame St. Patrick is a successful nightclub owner but unknown to many, he is a drug-dealer with a nickname "Ghost". The process of trying to catch him and his rivals trying to kill him led him to prison at the end of Season 3; a very interesting tv drama series. 

5o Cent & Courtney Kemp Agboh
image from

Power is created by Courtney Kemp Agboh and produced by Curtis Jackson also called 50 Cent, an American rapper who is the CEO of G-Unit Films and Television Inc.

Fundamentals Of Shares And Debentures

A share represents a unit of the bundle of rights and liabilities which a shareholder has in a company as provided in the terms of issue and the Article and now includes the right to attend and vote at a meeting. See sections 114 and 650 CAMA. By section 116 the CAMA has abolished the issuance of non-voting or weighted shares except as provided in section 143 thereof.

Types of Shares: The main types are:
ü  Ordinary Share: By section 650 CAMA these are shares of the company attracting no special rights to the holders. They carry no fixed rate of interests or dividend. They bear the major financial risk of the company and are paid after the preference shareholders have been paid. In some cases they are referred to as the equity shares of the company.
ü  Founders or Deferred Shares: They are so referred because payment of dividends and return of capital to them comes after that of all the other classes of shares. They are often

v  Preference Shares: Where the Article or the Memorandum so provide, are entitled to priority over other shares in a company. They usually carry a right as to the pay of dividends of a fixed amount over ordinary shares. The dividend payable by a company to the holder of preference shares is fixed at a particular rate.
v   Redeemable Shares: By section 122 a public or a private company limited by shares shall where authorizes by the articles issue preference shares capable of being redeemed at the option of the company. It follows that unless the Articles specifically so authorize it, a company may not issue such shares.

Issue of Shares at a Premium
A share is issued at a premium where the value at which it is offered to the public is higher than its actual value as indicated in the memorandum of the company. Where this is the case, the amount in excess of the actual value of the shares is posted to a share premium account which is to be used for specified purposes only. For example, where the company intends to issue fully paid bonus shares to members, it could pay for the shares by drawing from the share premium account. Section 120 CAMA.

This refers to the ways and means by which a company offers its shares to the public. A public company desirous of inviting members of the public to subscribe to its shares may adopt any of the following methods:
Ø  Direct Offers to the Public: In this case the company makes a direct offer of the shares to the members of the public. This it does by publishing a prospectus, with an application form inviting the public to subscribe to its shares. Where the shares are not fully subscribed, the risk Is borne by the company, which may then enter into an underwriting contract with a finance house at a commission.
Ø   Offers for sale: In this case, the company will sell the shares to an issuing house. The issuing house will now issue a prospectus inviting members of the public to subscribe for the shares. The issuing house will often sell the shares at a higher price. By this means the company avoids the risk of the issue not being fully subscribed but turns that over to the issuing house, which may then arrange an underwriting of the issue.
Ø   Placing: This involves two methods: (A) The company sells the shares to an issuing house, which will in turn sell them to their clients at a higher price keeping the profit. (B) The Issuing House acts as the company’s agent to place the shares without subscribing for them. The Issuing House gets a commission called a brokerage. This is a cheaper and suitable method where the issue could be taken up by a few people.

Back Then In The Month Of May

Back then in the month of May
Our backyard used to display
A garden of giant maize array

Back then in the month of May
From six pm rain began to spray
To wrap up the hot busy day

Back then in the month of May
We'd fill a boiling pot with maize
And firewood it heavily

Back then in the month of May
Everyone in my family:
Me, mom and dad and Chinyere

Back then in the month of May
We'd encircle the pot of maize
Chewing chatting merrily

This year in the month of May
Yesterday it rained amaizely
Memory began the sweet replay

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


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