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Most TV Drama Series Become Boring At Season 4

If you happen to be a student of art, exposed to deep study of poetry, prose and drama then you might be a movie freak like me. No wonder I love movies the same way I love artworks.

When everyone watches movie from where the action begins, a movie freak concentrates on the producer, the production, the location, the narratives, the camera proficiency (no wonder I dislike Saat Phere - Saloni Ka Safar; the camera rolls like a slideshow).

This post tends to share my feeling regards the TV drama series based on the point that most of them deviate from their actual storylines to serve hypnotized fans with diluted continuity using all sorts of tricks such as dead-resurrect-die-again characters.

At Season 4, most TV drama series make me ask "What do they think they are still doing, entertaining or hoodwinking?" Kudos to the old "The O.C. Season 1-4" for having a well planned storyline from start to finish, no off-track narration.
I have noticed that most dramas with long-stretch plot fall victims of boredom at season 4 and they mostly belong to genres such as fantasy, horror, politics, Sc. Fi, teen drama, adventure; compare to dramas with different plot per episode examples of such genre are detective, action, crime, police procedural, court drama, comedy, etc.

I wished I was alone on this inconsideration felt but lots of other articles are reacting to the draggy, time-wasting, profit oriented TV drama series of 2017; a good instance is this article from tvfanatic website>>> 13 Shows That Wasted Our Time

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