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Trampling The Teachers' Rights

When a student offends the teacher
He's asked to kneel and raise hands
The most handy punishment

Why is Nigerian education standard
Kneeling and raising his hands?
Been punished by the teachers

You have offended the teachers
With low income scheme
Low budget for pedagogy

Asylum promotion plans
Archaic classrooms setting
Handicapped hope for the future

Mr Education-Minister
You keep tossing your teachers stipend
Your kids are at the receiving end

Lacking education at its best:
Letter E is now for Hippopotamus
Garden egg is a monocotyledonous plant

If a psycho-imbalance civil engineer
Void of curricular gimmicks
Is chosen an Education Minister,

No wonder frustration
Metamorphosed an inborn carpenter
Into an overnight class teacher

Shouting SOS to the deaf ears_
Nigerian standard of learning
Is been hauled to the sea of lost

Attend seminars and workshops of doctors
The atmosphere is tempting and rosy
like a billionaire's wedding

Attend seminars and workshops of engineers
The atmosphere is like birthday party
Of a wealthy monarch

Attend seminars and workshops of teachers
The atmosphere is like a burial rite
Of a mass murder

Weytin dem teasha do una sef?
What exactly is the offense of teachers
That you left unkempt like a barbarian beards?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo With Wings Flying)

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