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Tale Of Four Friends

I'm here to narrate the tale of four friends
Going by the names: I, Will, Soon and Fred

Fred and I_ a close friend since ten
Did marvel at Daniel's tale in den

In college like miracle they met Will and Soon
The very day Real was beaten in Campnou

Today Fred departed our market earth
Untimely, undiscerned, unfulfilled talent

Unfamiliar face shed crocodile tears for him
As we threw sands singing his final hymn

Fred cared and loved them so dearly
Worked and lived for them sacrificially

Who will believe I, Will, Soon proved untrusted?
I, Will, Soon denied him his interested

I, Will, Soon hijacked his attention
I, Will, Soon left him no contribution

I, Will, Soon denied him youthful pleasure
I, Will, Soon never assured him of rapture

I, Will, Soon derailed him from the words of God
I, Will, Soon_ yes plotted his downfall

I, Will, Soon married his proposed wife
I, Will, Soon ruined his precious life.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo With Wings Flying )

NOTE:- The names in the poem are products of imagination; not in any way directed to anybody in reality.


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