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The Chess Ebooks That Improved My Game

Yesterday, while I felt I should relax after marking my students' third term examination scripts, I played a download chess software; though I intended to play just a match with the machine but things turned creepier.

Actually, I won't consider my action a cheating_ what did I do? I first headed to watch a Bobby Fischer's game (a video made by jrobichess which I got from Akinov, another passionate chess blogger) after that I crammed some hypermodern variation from one of my ebooks to sharpen my Reti lines.

Deliberately, I chose white which will put in the best position to practice the Reti as crammed. the first game lasted more than an hour and resulted to a draw by repetition after 63 moves on my side. I was so motivated with the draw so I commenced a new game without saving the drawn game; to cut the very lengthy testimony short, the second and the third were draw as well.
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ChessMobile Software
The chess machine I played is called ChessMobile on an android device; trust me a very strong and swift thinking software. In case, you're thinking what to do to your crawling chess skill, acquire material about middle game strategy (my favorite is Vlastimil Jansa's book on middle game) and you can as well sort for the listed below:


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