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Who Is Not Enslaved

Orijin Zero, Benson, Dark Sailor,
Vino tinto Don Simon;
Whatever you swallow a lot
Will enslave thy throat
Just like internet enslaved me
Since two years ago

Cast thy visage to my visage to prove
You aren't in trouble too
Exception's the grave men and women
Even ghosts are browsing
Bush men, bush women, bush teenagers
Will soon be lured like fries
Entering the opened jaws of crocodiles

O sorry you suckling babies
I see whatapps erode your required care
YouTube empty your feeders
Brave little warriors is what you are
Keep enduring your wet diapers

Many boxes of matchsticks urge me
Join us on Facebook
Tin of milks won't stop telling me
Follow us on Twitter
All media broadcasters shamelessly beg
"Please, like my FanPage"
No living is proud to live without
Twitter and Facebook
Birthrights are sold to smart devices

Publishing houses will not breath
Without oxygen from Kindle
Newspapers and magazines are street beggars
"Monthly subscribe dollar or two"
And look the monster billboards in our cities
They advertise vacant spaces
Day in day out, year in year out online
Or the Google play store
Tireless banner pushup in downloaded apps

Who still thinks I'm just a clown?
Now think deep down
Down your heart to prove you're free
For whatever you swallow a lot
Will enslave your throat.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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