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Loan Seekers: God Can Use The Bank To Fund You

With All Seriousness
I wish I could waste my own time by trying to give people crappy information but what good will it do me?
The most energetic sin anyone on earth can commit is the sin of time wasting. Time is money. Time is precious. Time is the bridge between point A and point B.
In the couple of months, I have taken my time to write articles relating to business, investment, affiliate marketing_ just to mention few_ the seven blog post titles below are my witness.

I'm An Alien, Please, What Do You Mean By Loan
Loan is motivated by the ability to repay mostly with interest; it can either be personal for education, medical, family, vacation and the likes or business for the purpose of enterprising. When it comes to bank loan, some factors such as interest rates, collateral, procedures for procurement vary from bank to bank. While Access Bank is having a maximum interest rate of 26%, Wema Bank has the maximum interest rate of 30% as seen in the Central Bank of Nigeria website. In a simpler form, a loan is what is borrow (mostly money) to be paid back. In such case, two parties are involved: the lender and the borrower.

There Is Still Hope For You
Many people have lost believe in loan acquisition. Some even believe that loans are only issued to high profile projects but the truth remains that any reasonable project will get its due loan if the acquisition process is properly navigated.
Last week, I got a loan for a medium scale business venture with an unbelievable collateral. Guess what the collateral was? A mere Zenith Bank share certificate_ Oh yes! So very unthinkable. Besides other marvellous qualities of Zenith Bank, it's also a bank with worthy credit rating till the moment of writing this blog post.

Research here and there have shown many reasons why people get turned down when they seek for loan and sincerely yours, I ran into an article about loan acquisition strategies written by Herbert Smith Freehills which might wish to see for broader knowledge. Getting a loan is a big deal for you then laying hands on helpful material will be a justifiable action.

 Nontheless, below are few important things to consider before filling a loan form:
1. You need to compare your status with the size of your anticipated loan
2. You need to be careful of oblivious mistakes (most especially relating to your previous loan record)
3. You need to be consult professionals different from the source which your loan is coming.

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