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OMG! Year In Year Out, The Business And The Owner Are Getting Poorer

Why The Stagnation? 
The truth is that you are not the only one who cant stop wondering
  • Why the man opposite your street and his business are waning like a burning candle?
  • Or why the once-beautiful bakery in your community keeps backsliding like a wayward flock of a religious shepherd?
  • Or why YOU and your ice-block industry are drowning in the lagoon of stagnation with little or no available rescue squad?

The Myths And The Facts
Part of the answer is in the ability to understand the myth and fact of business. I have a parody of business myths posted in americanexpress blog and few of the business facts and myths can be seen in the table below_ where the myths are stated versus the facts

1. My passion to become a seller or a producer is all that matters (VS) My focus is on who will be my buyer or client.
2. I have a business; so as to feed me and my family (VS) I have my family and my business to feed constantly
3. I have certificate in business study, I’m capable of practicing (VS) Certificate does not assure business success
4. I can do it alone or advisers are worthless (VS) Every business demand evaluation both in form of advice and more
5. Lack of bank loan or fund is the clog in the wheel of the business not lack of customers (VS) The availability of customers are valuable than the availability of bank loan or fund
6. It is not necessary to get bigger_ once we can maintain the present size (VS) Nothing is static_ it either increases or decreases: Every business deserve consistent growth
7. There is danger in complexity; so let us always stick to what has been working for us (VS) Every business needs to constantly acquire new techniques
8. All we need is fix and startup capital (VS) Every business needs concurrent capital
9. Business priority is to maintain the sales (VS) Business priority is to maintain cash-flow
10. The track record is lost yet we are fine (VS) No matter how beautiful a business may seem, without intact track record; it is already dead
11. Business success depends on low price (VS) Selling at low price is only good for a giant business
12. Surprising the customer with discount will keep them coming back (VS) Surprising the customer with unbeatable value will keep them coming back
13. Business success depends on the amount of money generated (VS) Business success depends on the amount of value created.
14. The myths and facts mentioned by Mr. Wood in his article is quite interesting and different from the listed above.

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A Pregnant Woman And The God Of Desire
A pregnant woman was sitting by the calm flowing brook on a fateful evening when the god of desire suddenly appeared.
He said “O Woman, you are pregnant with a bouncing dark in complexion baby boy."
"Pronounce your desire for the baby and so shall be!”
The pregnant woman said, “I desire this baby rule over this nation of ours"
The god of desire, flapped his delightful wings, looked into heaven, blew a whistling air and said “Daotiwiri!” (which means Accepted in the language of immortals)
 Two month after the mother put to bed, the dark bouncing baby boy died. What happened? Immediately after the birth, the mother gathered the entire community to always worship the newly born king; they prayed to the baby to provide their needs until their troubles and lack of care for the baby got the baby weak and weak and dead.

Moral Of The Story
 Let me show how the story is metaphorical. The god of desire represents the unshakable need to start a business. The pregnant woman represents the business owner. The bouncing baby boy represents the new business. In life, before a baby can achieve any destined greatness, he or she must first pass through growth and nurture. This is also applicable to any business. The mistake many make is that they live on their business instead of living for their business which in return turns the business to a dwarf or death.

The Right Business Mindset
A business that will grow requires the owner to always act with full business orientation which defers from the attitude of a mere employee. “The demands of running your own business are intense. Unlike employees, who can often just clock-in, do their job and then clock out, the job of a business owner never truly ends. You carry your business with you always. If you’re not negotiating price, influencing customers, managing staff, chasing cash-flow or doing one of the other myriad of... so much for a balanced lifestyle!” as written by Joel Gerschman in the article titled how to stay sane focused and fulfilled while building your business.

In the article, he further recommended 5 key steps to maintain mindfulness in business endeavour: The first vital step is to adhere to your core-purpose which the author simply referred to INSPIRATION. The second step is to practice your core-purpose everyday which he referred to as APPLICATION. The third step is to stay balanced and resilient even when the going gets tough which he referred to as INTERPRETATION. The fourth step is to build skills for reflecting on and learning from unsuccessful experiences, even where the lessons are not obvious; which he referred to as REFLECTION. The fifth step is to add these practices into your routine as to become permanent; which he referred to as INTEGRATION.

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