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The Most Applicable Theory Of Investment

"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing" says Warren Buffet.

This post looks at investment and the most applicable theory in terms of simplicity. Oh! How I wish you had read Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad but if you haven't, don't just sit there pondering what's all about_ you can check it out and see millions of glorifying comments about the powerful investment book.

In my own case, I have read and made efforts to put the theory into practice. I would have loved to share various ways I practiced the theory only if time had permitted. Okay, let me share one among the many ways from the book. It's called BE AN INDIAN GIVER.

The book says and I quote, "This is the power of getting something for nothing. When the first white settlers came to America, they were taken aback by a cultural practice some American Indians had. For example, if a settler was cold, the Indian would give the person a blanket. Mistaking it for a gift, the settler was often offended when the Indian asked for it back."

The theory is an act of putting something somewhere with the intention of taking it back with appreciation. The way the theory applies to investment goes thus: You invest money base on the swiftness of the ROI (Return On Investment). Whenever I embark on any investment, I first and foremost place my priority on the ROI which can also be referred to as the investment capital. This is a very motivating theory in the sense that it strongly propels you to invest and narrows your vision in the onset for such investment business.

This theory is applicable to any investment endeavor whether financial or emotional. It can be applied to mutual fund, forex trading, sales business, stock exchange (buying of shares), and lots more. Now that you learnt something you never considered vital to the act of investing, always remember Benjamin Graham once said that if you are shopping for common stocks, you should choose them the way you would buy groceries, not the way you would buy perfume; which simply means that you should never invest your money because the market is enticing, but invest because the market is healthy.


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