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So That Peace Can Reign

As we pounce on the New Year
Like a leopard pouncing on deer
Green White Green masses deserve better.

Better life with assurance
Basic needs in abundance
God, please, pour down your deliverance.

Senatorial seats are diabetic
Reforms and bills are diabolic
These political phoney are causing fatigue.

Who will reject those lukewarm bills?
This candid question should give dysentry
To unfaithful elected potbellies.

Who will challenge floppy reforms?
This candid question should give migrane
To oath-violated coconut heads.

Oh, this is no poetic activism
Call it a mere daydreaming
For a rosy nationalism

Unhappiness are the masses
Present Nigerian democracy is
A massive pain in the balls.

God! let no shady entity attack me
Those shady Goliath with political tricks_
My catapult of words are meant for peace.

Samuel Chukwudinma Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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