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No Collateral Loan: Lmoney VS Renmoney

If you're well informed with happening on the internet, you should know by now that getting a loan online is a piece of cake. 

In fact, it requires no collateral_ meaning that all those worries about where to get a property certificate or a huge company share certificate to be submitted as a collateral before your needed loan can be issued is now a thing of the past.

I must also chip in the fact that the convinience is even laudable. The opportunity of getting a loan online has prevented you from been doomed to going and coming to the banking hall (either beaten by the rain or mocked by the busy shining sun). With any browsing device, you can complete the loan agreement from anywhere in the world; not excluding in your bathroom.

A google search or any search engine alternative will show you there are many organizations or microfinance firms online, you can login to request a loan very swiftly. The interest rates of these firms vary; and as a rational soul, you will like to go for a loan with a lower interest rate after calculation.

This article compares two microfinance firms, you can easy assess online for a no-collateral loan.

Lmoney versus Renmoney.

Judging by the two images above, both firms issue loan that can be conviniently repaid within certain interval. The image "A" which is Lmoney issues a loan of sixty thousand naira (N60,000) to be repaid within 12 months through a monthly repayment of eight thousand, three hundred naira (N8,300). On the other hand, the image "B" which is Renmoney issues a loan of sixty thousand naira (N60,000) to be repaid within 12 months through a monthly repayment of seven thousand, four hundred and twelve naira eleven kobo (N7,412.11).

As regards the interest rate, Renmoney wins.

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