This post is to ease teacher's stress of racking brain on what

question to ask students on the novel "Native Son" as a form of test

or home-work.

(1) Discuss the theme of fear in Native Son by Richard Wright

(2) How effective is Richard Wright use of the principle of naturalism

in Native Son.

(3) Describe the impact of mass media in Native Son by Richard Wright.

(4) Native Son as a political novel; give a broad explanation.

(5) Describe Mrs. Thomas' conduct during the visit to her son in jail

and comment on the son's feeling.

(6) Give reasons to prove that Bigger does or does not deserve the

death penalty.

(7) Discuss the use of irony in Native Son, with reference to 3 situations.

(8) What roles do David Buckley play in Native Son by Richard Wright.

(9) How does Boris Max promote Communist ideals in the novel: Native Son.

(10) Account for Bigger's poor relationship with his mother.

(11) Describe in detail the manhunt and arrest of Bigger.

(12) Who's words impacted Bigger when visited in jail (Rev. Hammond's

words or Jan's words) give reasons.

(13) Is Mrs Thomas a good mother? State your reasons.

(14) How brilliant is Mr. Britten with investigation.

(15) Native Son is a sheer propaganda. Critically examine this view.

(16) Describe the role of the crowd following Bigger's movement from

place to place.

(17) Closely examine the relationship between Bigger and Bessie.

(18) Discuss the theme of racial discrimination in Native Son by Richard Wright.

(19) Examine Richard Wright's arguments against capitalism.

(20) Explain that Bigger is a rebel with good cause.

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