Every internet experts, bloggers and webmasters have believed that
Google's ads networks (especially Adsense) is the best and it remained

Adsense is a contextual advertising system which her popularity has
made it more seen on virtually 60% of websites; mostly in form of

It has come to observation that Nigerian websites and Adsense are
beginning to see different lights in recent times. There is currently
no prove that Nigeria has attained or reached the tagerted number for
the ads network approval (should in case such thing exists); though
Nigeria ranks lower on the lists of countries with high traffic
conversion rate (according to private investigations).

It is now seen that these days, big and medium Nigerian web owners are
taking a very different paths in terms of monetizing their websites
unlike those days when their total reliance was on Adsense. Take a
keen look at the popular websites and blogs; they are either into
direct affiliate marketing or directly managing their own ads through
the sales of their own web ads spaces to local and foreign
organisations directly which pay way bigger than their old ads

This article is no conclusion or rather of any notion to condemn or
glorify any ads network or system, but an expression of unbias
observation which may be of usefulness or beneficial to webbers,
bloggers and internet surfers.

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