The next morning, many friends and relations arrived at Agbo's house.

There was plenty of food and cold drinks for them. Some people sang

and danced, while others sat and talked. Then it was time for Mr. and

Mrs. Malaika, Agbo and Gbenga to leave for the airport. Several other

families also left the house and drove to the airport to meet Mike.

The airport was very busy, as usual. Agbo and Gbenga saw some

policemen and soldiers on duty.

Agbo's parents and their friends sat round a table in a big hall.

While they were waiting, the boys decided to look round. They watched

a man weighing suitcases. These belonged to people who wanted to

travel on the aeroplane. If their suitcases weighed too much they took

some things out.

It is dangerous to put too many heavy suitcases on an aeroplane. Agbo

and Gbenga also saw a fire engine. The firemen were ready to help if a

plane caught fire. They saw two aeroplanes in hangars (a hangar is a

special shed for an aeroplane) and they looked at the beautiful

flowers at the entrance to the airport.

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