Pop-up as regards to the internet and web browsing is a page

(irrespective of the size) that suddenly shows up or pops up over the

page a web visitor is viewing without the web visitor intentionally

calling for such popped up page. Few families of pop-up are pop-under,

hover, etc.

Below are the reasons why you should like or dislike pop-up which can

also be called the pros and cons of pop-up, the advantages and

disadvantages of pop-up, or the merits and demerits of pop-up:

(a) Reasons Why You Should Like Pop-up:

(i) It can be used for showing more information about a topic. Even on

PC and some mobile phones, when a cursor is left on a topic for a long

time, a page will pop up to tell more about such topic.

(ii) It is very rewarding to advertiser because of the way it gets the

attention of page viewer and easily call them to action.

(iii) Pop-up can be used to save space on a website since it doesn't

have to acquire a permanent page.

(iv) It encourages creativity with the incorporation of banners,

audio, videos, animations, slides, etc.

(v) Pop-up uses javascript which makes it very easy to create.

(vi) Some huge organizations are thriving with the help of using pop-up.

(b) Reasons Why You Should Drislike Pop-up:

(i) It comes when it is not expected by page viewer.

(ii) Some pop-ups are "flirtatious" that when a web user disables it,

it immediately comes up again; making it so annoying.

(iii) Some pop-ups are malicious because they decieve page viewers.

(iv) Pop-up created for advert purpose sucks up the web traffic by

redirecting web page viewers.

(v) Some pop-ups are arrogant that they affect the browser either by

slowing it down or making it mal-function; by so doing, the device own

or web page view will pay extra cost eradicate it with a third-party

pop-up blocker.

(vi) Some pop-ups function as a spyware which secretly steal a web

surfer's right for privacy.

(vii) Pop-up can become a hacker or hijacker's tool to perpetrate

internet crime.

(viii) Some huge organizations dislike pop-up with passion.

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