Siemens' light weight digitalized building is really a prove that
architecture has gone far beyond the laying of stones on stones and
the sticking of concretes on bricks.

As technology keeps changing the faces of things, what used to be fact
becomes myth; the old believe that buildings without solid foundations
will be flushed away by flood no longer hold ever since some buildings
have been seen levitating on the same spot for a very long period of

Siemens is planning to showcase her new products for building a light
weight and digitalized buildings even for commercial purposes. "Make
Your Building More Livable" will be the Siemen's motto at
light+building trade fair which will hold on March 13-18, 2016.

According to the story from siemens website, the platform/building
will be able to consolidate heating, ventilation and air conditioning
(HVAC), room automation, lighting and shading, intrusion detection,
fire safety and access control systems as well as protective devices
for electrical installations. The new version of the platform offers a
more intuitive display and interfaces to Simatic S7. An app for mobile
operation via smartphones and tablets meets the needs of today's

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