Native Son is a prose written by Richard Wright, an American born 1908

in Mississippi. The story aimed at comparing the relationship between

the Native Americans and the African Americans in the 18th century.

The question requires to write short notes on the following

characters: 1) Mrs. Dalton 2) Gus 3) Buddy 4)Rev. Hammond; so there's

no big deal on how, what or way to go about it.

1) Mrs. Dalton:- This is the wife of Mr. Dalton, the rich White

American family, Bigger was asked to work for as a chauffeur. Mrs.

Dalton is Mary's mother, the girl that was suffocated by Bigger.

2) Gus:- One of the Bigger's gang member. Bigger picks on him quite

frequently because he discovers that both of them are equally scared

and constitute a threat to the success of the gang's robbery


3) Buddy:- In the story, Buddy was always in support of Bigger's

actions. He is Bigger's younger brother and a son to Mrs. Thomas. When

Bigger was in jail, he visited him in company of his family.

4) Rev. Hammond:- The man of God who also visited Bigger in jail to

preach good life and repentance to him. He was as well repelled by

Bigger when he visited him during his sentence.


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