As the trumpet of SME continues to blow louder and louder all through the world, some Nigerian commercial banks has taken the position of a Piper in making sure that their customers are not denied of the opportunities of operating a successful SME.

Two among the banks are Guaranteed Trust Bank PLC and Access Bank. The one million dollar question is "How?"

One of the internet platforms with the mission of encouraging and SME (Small Medium Enterprise) is the GTBank SME MarketHub. It does offer mouthwatering discounts and variety
on everyday products and services on the Hub.

Access Bank Plc also backs The Wcommunity an online community for the encouragement and motivation of women in SME. According to the words from the website, "We believe that women are powerful and key catalyst for change. We know and embrace the truth about empowering women."

SME (Small Medium Enterprise) can be defined as an enterprise capable of employing maximum of 35-100 workers. It must be clearly stated that some organizations do define small scale enterprises in terms of their value of assets, or in terms of turnover an number of staff employed.

In order to be partakers of these internet SME blessings, one must have an active bank account (savings or current) with either or both the banks. For details about Access Bank PLC or Guaranteed Trust Bank PLC, visit the banks websites for terms an


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