The office manager is the one in charge of an office. In talking of this particular post, we are making reference to the manager in charge of the general administrative office or the registry of a business organization. Under strict business conventions, the office manager is not a top management policy maker. He is an administrator and in that capacity, administers his office by implementing top management policies that affects his department.

The administration of the office is in his own hands but he does not make his own policies or policy changes. He is called a manager for the fact that he manages his own department which is the office.
As an overall administrator of his department which is the office, the office manager needs to possess certain qualities if he is to discharge his functions effectively. The qualities are:
1 The office manager should be communicative. He should approach his staff in a cordial way and the staff should be made to approach him in a friendly atmosphere as the situation may demand.
2 The office manager should not be partial in dealing with his subordinates. There should be sound judgment with regards to the settlements of common disputes among staff.
3 The office manager shoul
d possess some leadership qualities since he is the leader in all office activities.
4 The office manager should be courageous enough to handle his managerial position.
5 The office manager should possess a credible character. He should be forward-looking; possess insights into possible future.
6 The office manager should be a disciplined person
7 The office manager should be able to assess a situation, analyze the cause and effect of the situation, and then find a lasting solution to it.
8 The office manager should be able to plan the organization of his office in the way that effect sequential work-flow.
What Is An Office?
This is a building or room where clerical or professional duties are performed. It must be able to hold information and meet reference purposes. Directly and indirectly, office offers protection.

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