Doctor, Don’t worry. I know I am going to die. I
didn’t want to come here but they brought me
here. Please don’t worry about me, look at my
hair, they are gone. I am so old but you are so
young. I have learnt a lot from life, if you don’t
mind I will tell you some of them before I die.
When I was 4 years, I use to think the world is
about me. When I turn 14, I wanted to rule the
world. I thought I will be the greatest man that
ever live. When I was 21, I wanted to be the
richest man, when I was 25, I wanted to find love,
when I was 40, I wanted to be helpful to
everyone. Now that I am here, I want to die. You
see, I wanted so many thing at so many time.
Most importantly, I wanted to be happy. I thought
the best way to be happy is to listen to others.
When I wanted to enter the University, I wanted
to study Zoology but everyone said I should study
Engineering that I will be a great Engineer. So I
listened to them. I had no one to pay my fees, I
had to work and also pay my fees. In my third
year, I couldn’t cope with my studies, I had to
drop. When I dropped, same people told me you
should have studied Zoology!
When I turned 28, everyone said I should marry.
That I need a wife. So I listened to them, I got
Married. 6 years into the marriage, I caught my
wife sleeping with my neighbour. I asked her why
and she slapped me. I was angry and didn’t say
anything. The next day I returned from work, she
has ran away with my children, now I am dying a
lonely man.
At 40, I got a 10 million naira contract. My name
was in the news. The next day, all my friend and
family were at my house, everyone had a serious
problem. Within one week, I spent all the money
on them with the promise that they will pay back.
I could not complete the contract because they
refused to return the money as promised. So I
was sent to jail for 6 years. I stayed in jail and I
came out. When I came out, they were nowhere.
There was one mistake I made through all this
time. Now it is clear to me. Let me tell you about it.
I refused to listen to myself. I Ignored my own
self and listen to others. Now that I am here the
only person that is with me is myself.
You see, it is very good to listen to others. It is
very wise to seek advice from other. But is very
dangerous to ignore your own self. It is very very
dangerous to refuse to pay attention to your heart.
When you get home this night. Sit down, take a
glass of water. Close your eyes if you want or
open it if you want, then talk to yourself. Reason
with yourself.
You can walk down the road alone and as you
walk begin to talk to yourself
The only person that can overrule yourself is God,
after God, listen to yourself next.
I know it may not make sense to you know but
always remember I told you LEARN TO

©copyright:- Moses Chibueze Opara 2016.

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