Besides the famous MMM Scheme, another means some Nigerians make additional fast and huge income is through icharity club. I was introduced to it yesterday, and the strategy seems very enticing but it requires the new comer to pay charitably before he/she can start reaping benevolently and continuously.
I looked at the "icharity club" and realise it's nothing but a referral network where a member must refer 5 new member before he/she can be sure of earning.
I decided not to join the iCharity Club for the following personal reasons:
#1. I have a legit blog that is earning me reasonable income.
#2. I have not been lucky with referral business; I had tried some referral networks like Amazon, eBay, Hostmonter, but couldn't make any income from them.
#3. I do not have the patience to wait for a very long time on a shaky ground; any referral program requires a very huge patience but the reward is always very high.
#4. Google policy and other high ranking businesses of the World Wide Web detest any scheme that requires a member to pay before he/she can earn.

As I said earlier, referral networking requires a very great deal of patience on the part of the member or participant but the reward is very very very high that is why most bloggers and web owners that earn 7 digit dollars on the Internet are getting the income through the multiple referrals they participate; a good example of a blogger that earns very huge from referral is "ShoutMeLoud blog".
If you feel that you want to give the "iCharity Club" a try and see whether you too can earn huge money from referral networking, then take a look below at the grades you will pass through in the "iCharity Club" plus how much you are promised by the scheme to be earning:
Once your first 5 People have balanced your pyramid, since you paid $20 to register (₦7,400). You will receive $100 (₦37,000)
Soon the people below you, Balance their pyramid, you pay $40 (₦14,800) to upgrade to grade 2. Then you will receive $1000 (₦370,000)
To upgrade your account to grade 3, you will need to pay $80 (₦29,600); Then you receive $10,000 (₦3,700,000)
Your next upgrade will be to Grade 4, With a total 625 under you, You pay $120 (₦44,400) and receive a total of $75,000 (₦27,000,000) 
Next is Grade 5, You pay $200 (₦74,400) & receive $75,000 (₦231,250,000). At this point probably don’t need to work much
Here you become a platinum member with more than 15,000+ below you pay $300 (₦111,000) Receive $4,687,500 (₦1,734,190,000)
Diamond members have about 78,125 People in their pyramid, You pay $300 (₦111,000) for upgrade and receive $4,687,500 (₦1,734,190,000)
Grade 8 Members, With 300,000+ You Pay $800 (₦296,000) and receive $312,500,000 (₦115,625,000,000). Nobody has gotten here yet 
Grade 9 Members, With about 1,953,125 People in your pyramid upgrade with 1170 (₦432,900) and receive $2,285,156,250 (₦845,407,812,500)"
If you wish to join the "iCharity Club", use the Google Search and type "registration for iCharity Club Nigeria" then you will find many different websites where you can join the referral network.

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