AdSense is owned by Google Inc. It is an advertising platform for online ad publishers or website owners who want to serve contextual adverts on their websites or blogs. When it comes to website monetization, anyone with a unique and interesting site can sign-up for AdSense and with few or a single click, earn anywhere few cents to few dollars, depending on the niche.

 This means that Adsense is not bad at all and so are other third-party AdSense alternatives like, Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Revenuehits, etc. According to a comment by Cynthia Perkins, "Google Adsense can be a successful addition to a business plan. It shouldn’t be “the” business plan, but it can be a smart “piece” of the business plan. Leaving it out of the equation, leaves a lot of potential money on the table. No entrepreneur wants to do that." One of the benefit of using AdSense is that it aids and encourages the newbies or someone who is new to online advertising to start earning few dollars without professional skills.

 It must be noted that such decision is based on the issue of whether you are a mere passion-for-talent person or a big-business-oriented person. The reason why this point is mentioned is that, the big-business-oriented people (who at one point in their online venture) used AdSense with their websites or blogs ended up regreting they did; they believed they had sold their online business mission so cheap by falling into the trap of adding AdSense for penny income. Another benefit of using AdSense is that it interacts with search and SEO, and shows you how better to serve your visitors and readers with strategically placed content and call-outs. Based on personal experience, another benefit is that AdSense pays higher than others of its alternatives mentioned above; in terms of niche and GEO rate consideration. There is nothing new under the sun. I won't spend all my life preaching you the AdSense gosple you will or have already seen elsewhere; but I can't end this post without feeding you the very big disadvantage of AdSense and all AdSense alternatives.

 Ask anyone else, you will be told that AdSense and its similar platforms (like Infolinks, Bidvertiser, Revenuehits, etc) will continually drag 60% of your visitors away right from the moment you place their ads on your website or blog and on the negative side, your website or blog traffic will keep shrinking and shrinking every day-by-day. I'm not discouraging the use of AdSense.

I don't belong to the group of people castigating AdSense users. This is a simple opinion post and I assure you that if you get to where AdSense is been trampled on the ground, you will know. In such places, they under-define AdSense as if they've created their own Galaxai (Galaxai is a planet created to substitute earth in the movie titled: "Monsters vs Aliens) Before this post wind to a close, few among the secrets to sustain a successful online business are honesty, authenticity, trust-building, and transparency.

 So, no matter what choice you're making, always keep those qualities in mind.

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