Facebook/Twitter Promotion - Get Extra $10 !!!

We are speaking from the angle of online business and income generation where a blog or website owner can generate income to sustain the website and himself/herself.

Actually, it may seem this offer is only for webmasters or blog owners who use Bidvertiser,com as one of the mediums to monetize their website(s) or blog(s) but anyone willing to become a publisher can join Bidvertiser via the following referral link.
The good thing about Bidvertiser is that it belongs to one of the instant approval networks for publishers. Meaning that, as an AdSense alternative, it approves even a day-old website or blog in as much as such website or blog have few useful contents. Though there are other online advertisement networks that approve publishers without rigorous review (the likes of chitika ads network, popcash ads network, propellerad network, revenuehits ads network, etc) but from personal experience, I can vouch for Bidvertiser when it comes to paying publishers what they have earned.

Back to the talk about the bidvertiser social network promo, the question in mind is "how does the promo work?"

Before you can be among the benefactors in Bidvertiser's Facebook/Twitter Promotion, you must be a publisher (serving bidvertiser ads on your website or blog), and you must have received payment(s) from bidvertiser.

"Share your Bidvertiser payment proof on your active Facebook/Twitter profile and get extra $10 !

All you need to do is:
1. Take a screenshot of our payment to you (from PayPal, Payza, Wire or Check)
2. Share this screenshot on your active Facebook/Twitter profile page, titled "Got Payment from BidVertiser" (or similar...)
3. Add a link to BidVertiser in your post:
4. Open a support ticket from within the matching BidVertiser account telling us where we can view your posting so we can verify it
We will then add $10 to your account balance.

Hurry - promotion ends on December 31st !!!"


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