It's a myth that the knowledge of monetizing a blog can be got for free. It's a fact that the knowledge for genuine/legit blog monetization has to be paid for (whether huge or small). Let me speak of the free ways to it, which indirectly might still cost a waste of time, efforts and money; this starts by doing what most people have done, going to consult the search engines for a free-how-to-becomea-lucrative-blogger article. The truth is that you'll find thousands of articles and PDFs on the issue, but many people have seen the reality that all the free articles will only feed you with surface knowledge, leaving you to go through hell before figuring out the nitty-gritty of becoming a lucrative blogger (especially as a Nigerian blogger). You wonder why they have to do so? The simple answer remains that they need traffic to their own websites and the best way they can go about it is to give a free motivational article or PDF that will only put you in the game but never show you how to win. My candid advice remains that you should always acquire both the free and the paid articles because "no knowledge is useless". I can't dispute the fact that you know what you want from blogging and you have your own definition of lucrative blogging which might differ from mine. If scraping two or three dollars per month is what you want you can get it from the so-called free articles.Just create a free google blog but I'm very certain that if a free blog can earn you fifteen dollar per month then a well established paid Content Management System plus a paid article on how-to-lucratively-blog, will earn you four multiplied by fifteen dollar per month


By now, you must have been in haste to know the right things to do in order to achieve a lucrative blogging; okay, here we go.

You have to figure out what you want to deliver online (make it less personal, except you're a well known celebrity) What do I mean by making it less personal? You have to disseminate information that might entertain or be helpful to internet surfers (these days people are into sports, jokes, health, news report, celebrity gossip, online stores, software provision, etc.) you can join the competition or you can just create what people will be craving for though this might be a little tasky because pouncing over a niche based on instinct hardly lead to huge or meaningful online income. Experience and words of many experts have shown that choosing a niche without proper research leads to a waste of everything (time, money and hope). It very important to remember that there are two types of niche; the seekers niche and the buyers niche. If a website's niche fall under the buyers niche, such website will be generating reasonable income as the traffic grows compared to the one under the seekers niche. No matter where you search on the internet for how to decide which niche will be lucrative for you, the first two advice will be (use AdWords keywords tool and Google trends) after those two advice will then follow a whole lots of varying advice_ some will be helpful, some will not; some will be expensive and helpful, some will expensive but worthless. To a very huge understanding of how to choose a lucrative niche, I recommend lornali's article.
Now that you feel there is more to learn, lets check "the way forward 2" in page 2>>>

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