You too can be part of the 2016 Wiki Loves Africa Competition by taking photographs, video or audio that promotes Africa's rich heritage and culture expressed through music, song, dance, and movement. The outstanding uploads will be rewarded with great prizes.

The motive for the competition is to add more to the information the world truly know about Africa. It is observed that Africa has the lowest information in the Wikipedia database and wiki has seen it necessary to encourage upload for the benefit of universal enlightenment and entertainment.

How to enter Wiki Loves Africa?

Entering Wiki Loves Africa Music and Dance is easy! Follow these 4 steps:
Step 1: Take some photos.
Step 2: Select the best.
Step 3: Create an account on Commons to take part. Register here.
Step 4: Use the Upload Wizard to enter your photographs.

Competition Rules

Images submitted to the Wiki Loves Africa contest may win prizes! There are a few rules to respect for the images to be eligible.
Rule 1: All photos must be taken by the person submitting them. They can be either self-uploaded or uploaded during a registered mass upload session.
Rule 2: Upload can only be done in December 2016 and January 2017. But you can enter media that was taken at any time, even historical photographs (as long as you own the copyright on these photographs).
Rule 3: Images must be free of watermarks or embedded signatures to be eligible. All entries will automatically be submitted under a free licence such as Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 (CC-BY-SA 4.0) (or in the public domain). Read more about the cc-by-sa license here.
Rule 4: All eligible pictures will be categorised under Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2016, this will be automatically assigned during the upload process.
Rule 5: Participants should enable e-mail on Wikimedia Commons so they can be contacted should their image be chosen for a prize.

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