When I created an article regarding Propellerads Skyrocketing CPM, I mentioned that when the time comes, I will be sharing my experience as a publisher with bidvertiser,com; I guess now is the time.

Like I said before that I dropped Propellerads due to its $100 minimum threshold which I considered to be very huge for my small blog then I started publishing Bidvertiser ads. Why?

1) Bidvertiser always surface among the top lists of AdSense alternatives (only God knows why).
2) Bidvertiser operates an immediate approval for publishers.
3) Bidvertiser knows how to generate clicks than other AdSense alternatives I've tried on my small blog.
4) Bidvertiser banner click on my small blog pays a lot higher than that of Exoclick, Infolinks, and Infinityads.
5) Bidvertiser has a minimum payout of $10 (very small enough to test whether Bidvertiser is legit or scam).

If one is naive, one will blame Google for scolding Bidvertiser and other dubious advertising networks but Google is fairly right. Come to think of it, who makes most website a living thing if not Google search engine? The last I checked, 98% traffic of most websites on the internet comes from Google search engine. So if Google is like a caregiver to a website, will it be arrogant for the caregiver to chase off any dubious parasite aiming to deceitfully reap from where it didn't sow? Of course, it won't.

So, based on my four months experience serving Bidvertiser ads, I must confess that Bidvertiser can be very annoying if you do not understand how to implement the Bidvertiser ad code. Let me quickly tell you that some Bidvertiser advocates and incarnates will find this article or post and quickly begin to drop hyped glorifying comments about how Bidvertiser has paid them millions of dollars as a publisher (it takes common sense to figure that out).

As of September 2015 when I added Bidvertiser to the small blog in question, the blog's daily impression was 400 ("very low!" You might possibly say) but the blog has a growing tendency. Within two weeks, my Bidvertiser balance was $0.63 (only few ad network can serve clickable ads to a blog with such a low impression) but the annoying part of it was that the contents of the website was overridden by Bidvertiser's relentless interstitials which made me dropped Bidvertiser for Chitika,com in combination with Infolinks,com until April of 2016 when I got better knowledge of serving Bidvertiser Ads without interstitial and pop-under intrusion.

Before you resolve to calling my small blog a "testing ground", I must tell you that I paid for a host and used the WordPress CMS which made me needed a ROI (Return On Investment). As of April 2016, Bidvertiser's banners on my small blog was having at least 7 clicks from a minimum of 2200 impressions daily against all odds of ad blocking browsers. Few of the habitual flaws of Bidvertiser are aggressive popups, redirects, hijacking malwares, and so on; which led to my small blog been flagged three times for Google search. For three different occasions my small blog was removed from Google search results for the same offense; Bidvertiser ads aggression and mobile sneaky redirects. In the face of Bidvertiser's untrustworthiness, I refused to quit because I wanted to hit the $10 minimum payout before I wave goodbye. By the end of July 2016, my small blog in question, had a balance of $10.57 (you will probably be wondering why it took so long: the reasons are the blog traffic volume, the blog geo, the blog niche, the blog content quality).

As I've said, I had $10.57 on my Bidvertiser dashboard which should be automatically paid into my PayPal account on 31st August 2016 to prove that Bidvertiser is not a scam (since Bidvertiser claims to pay on NET 30) but Bidvertiser didnt pay; I began thinking that Bidvertiser is a scam not knowing that the reason I didn't get my payment was due to PayPal. I DIDN'T KNOW THAT MY COUNTRY IS AMONG THOSE THAT CANNOT REQUEST FUND WITH PAYPAL.

The MORAL LESSON of this article or post are as follow:-

(1) Bidvertiser is truly paying its publishers or those that serve Bidvertiser ads and the pay rate is better than that of most AdSense alternatives.

(2) You must have a clear understanding of how to use and implement Bidvertiser ad code in your website or blog; else you will run into a big trouble.

(3) You must be certain of the payment method to use (whether PayPal or Payza or Check).


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