Is it possible to go into business without sufficient capital? The simple answer to the question here is "it depends". In respect to a very small scale business, capital, which happens to be the hold for many people, is not a big deal because there are 1001 small scale businesses that a willing person can enter against all odds. When there is will, there will surely be a way because thoughts are said to be things and the moment a mind is made up, the path to follow is paved though most of these paths are foggy at first (they require the radar of experience to see); they do not require huge capital and issues such as office can be ignored because most small scale businesses can be done in the tiny square of a living home.

Let's talk about money, it is thought by many that the issue of money come before the business and since money is not alway very easy to come by, they swiftly bury their dreams of setting up a business. As said earlier, start-up capital should not be prioritized in setting up a small scale business. It is sometimes difficult to identify viable projects, but that precisely is the beginning of starting a business. We have identified over one hundred business opportunities for small scale categories and few of which are listed below:

(1) Firewood Supply
(2) Growing vegetable During the Dry Season
(3) Packaging of Food Items
(4) Meat Retailing
(5) Plantain Production
(6) Restaurant(”Buka”) Service
(7) Backyard Poultry Raising
(8) Rabbit Raising
(9) Organizing Labour Squads
(10) Operating a Nursery for Children
(11) Child Minding
(12) Home Laundry Service
(13) Arranging Foods for Parties
(14) Arranging Drinks for Parties
(15) Designing and Making Children Dresses
(16) Raising of Pets

Most small scale businesses are good and encouraging because they don't require huge or wide division of operation, they run with a very low investment cost and give the sole owner the privilege and free-hand to experiment with ideas. A proverb says "one cannot move without the head moving" which means that every action has its shortcomings. Small scale businesses do have their own lapses which I will rather make another day's discussion.   

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