1.       Are you scared about your job? 
      Most people are not happen with the job they found themselves. Some people’s workloads are every unbearable, causing them unspeakable stress. Over dependency on regular salary is hazardous especially these days when rights of workers are dragged in the mug. A created personal enterprise can guarantee a lasting income generation.

2.       Are you feeling like in-soup? 
      It is commonly said “If you are in a hole, stop digging” the problem is how to stop.Bills-piled-up is a hole; religious responsibilities and other responsibilities an adult must fulfill are holes. It is hard to determine when one is living above means because spending can turn to addiction hard to cure. Setting up a business of your own can boost financial status and eventually cushion the burdens of responsibilities.

3.       Are you tenacious in nature? 
      If yes, you need to create your own enterprise and channel your tenacity towards what can earn you and your upcoming generations a fulfilled living on earth. Sometimes a business can toss the owner like a storm and make he/she wants to give up but a good business man never give up.

4.       Do you already have liquidity investment(s)? 
      I mean you have invested in bonds, shares, etc. It is never a waste if you diversify your income source at least if one aspect goes down the other will sustain. The one of the major success secrets of the evergreen millionaires in the world. A magazine I once read talked about Late. Folawiyo, one of the well known business moguls in Nigeria. The magazine pointed that the man had investment in all business sectors (both home and abroad)_ mining, agriculture, education, et cetera.

5.       Do have some resources lying waste? 
      A vast area of undeveloped land, abandoned warehouse, stashed cash or anything with collateral worth; few of the mentioned should motivate you into starting a business of your own. A friend of mine successfully reared 3000 catfish in a gigantic long abandoned water reservoir; none believe such abandoned thing can be useful for such.

6.       Do you have positive motivation like the desire to make money, make things happen, do something worthwhile and enjoy the power derived from successful entrepreneurship? 
      I bet you need to join the league of entrepreneurs.

7.       Are you a very hardworking person? 
      Then it’s best you put one and two together and start your own business. Allow me ask you the same question Robert Kiyosaki normally ask in his books “Who are you enriching?” It is very certain that 80% of adults on earth are running  the rat-race of paid employment, human power is very vast and can accomplish multitask. I love many government employed primary school teacher, even when their jobs seems 100% secure, they still engage in varying businesses to support their stable constant monthly pay-cheque. Every effort in life requires strategy and stamina but the best thing is to channel them toward a laudable course.

8.       Are you good at handling heaven-is-about-to-fall situations? 
      You are fit to have a business of your own. One of the good qualities of a leader is to possess stability. A positive and stable leader will always showcase a good business judgment in terms of risk taking.

9.       Are you good at identifying opportunities in time and place? 
       It is longer a strange news that many billionaire business owner of the world today found themselves ahead of the crown because they can strongly discern; by now you will have few list of the names parading your mind. Such ability works like magic for those who are not afraid to put them into use, even the person who created whatsapp will be thanking God every wake of his day for been blessed with the ability to discern.

10.   Are you a creator of new ideas? 
      The business world is waiting you so stop procrastinating and start practicing your new ideas. A new idea doesn’t have to be something eyes have never seen, it can just be a modification of something in existence for ease of you. Android has been in existence (a modification of java). It is true that African are so full negative critics and destroyers of dreams, they are fond of condemning what is theirs; when they see little boy reassemble a disposed radio set, they will scold the boy instead of encourage him. From what is heard and what is read, the popular facebook started from university environment but imagine Zukerberg was trying to create facebook in one of the universities in Africa, I’m very certain there won’t be anything like facebook today; that is how pathetic Africans anti-growth has highly grown. Despite Africa being a landmine of endless ideas, millions of undeveloped ideas decay each day.
11.   Are you constantly seeking what you are very good at? 
      It shows you detest a wasted talent. You deserve to set up a business of your own which will put you in the position to try-out different businesses and even be creative with what is yours since freedom gives free to creativity.

12.   Are you a lover of growth research?
      Growth research in terms of reading business books; listening to podcasts, audiobook and audio tapes; attending workshop, conferences and seminars; watching business videos. These forms of investments are found in well known business owners and directly and indirectly have added to their business growth and will continue to.

13.   Are you passionate about hobbies? 
    Such hobby can be easily turned into a money making machine. John C. Maxwell says and I quote “The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda” and such agenda are fueled by passion. Every passionate person deserves to be an employer of labour because without passion for the business or an enterprise, business cannot grow.

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