Can You Become A Stock Exchange Millionaire? You Can’t!

It is true that being a stock exchange expert investor can turn you to a millionaire but such is attainable in a land where businesses and investments flow the proper way. In a land where consumers’ rights are not pushed aside, and cooperate laws are not cloned to favor the moguls at the expense of the dummy startups. Such fair playground is lacking in Africa.

In the middle of 2015 year calendar, Nigeria, among many other African countries, witnessed a hyping stock exchange public offers coupled with the help of radio and tv publicity which goaded many people into believing their poverty messiah has come to their aids; all in the name of becoming a company shareholder, many even went to the extent of securing loans to buy stocks, some sold their lands, et cetera. It didn’t take long before reality stared them face-to-face, they realized their expectations will require ten generations to come before it could be achievable and then they resigned to fate. 

Till this moment, some people’s investment in stock exchange have yielded nothing, some people can only point at their constant dividend cheques, while some people can only boast of ever-increasing bonuses and dividends; all these are based on their medium of investment. Some invested in *hogwash* kind of companies while others invested in well organized companies; and such made the difference in their ROI (Returns on Investment).

The Investment Books and The Truth About Investment

My neighbor read about stock exchange investment strategy in one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books, she swiftly jumped into the pool of stock exchange investment in Nigeria not realizing that even though a business strategy can work anywhere around the globe; but the investment atmosphere in America is vastly different from that of Nigeria. She bought the JAPAUL OIL public offer but to her utmost chagrin, the values kept deflating helplessly_ I assure you, if anyone this day mentions stock exchange business to her hearing, she will devour such with hate utterances.

 I will like to mention that I have had the opportunity to read few of Robert Kiyosaki’s booksand the investment strategies mentioned therein is working for those who patiently digested his principles: I mean those who haven’t leave experts out of the picture, those who work hand-in-hand with brokers, those who pay their brokers well. The major mistake made by my neighbor was she felt she could DIY (Do It Yourself) policy which is very disastrous when it comes to investing money. 

The moral lesson here is simple; anyone who wants to invest money whether he or she resides in Africa or anywhere else must first consult competent financial experts.

Lesson From Experience

With my thirteen years experience in stock exchange investment, the truth is that stock exchange investment in Nigeria cannot make you rich overnight, neither can it turn a waif-and-stray into a millionaire like a magic wand. A good stock exchange investment can only sustain; it can only make a millionaire remain millionaire and a pauper remains a pauper (maybe some sort of miracle might change my philosophy in long generations to come) when investment in Nigeria is not coordinated under the canopy of greed and deceit. 

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