Graduate can be referred to as a person who has received a degree or diploma on completing a course of study, as in a university, college, or school. On the other hand, the opposite of graduate is referred to as undergraduate; meaning someone who is yet to receive a degree or diploma on a particular study.

This article tends to discuss the rarely addressed rivalry between the graduates (those privileged to acquire degree on a study) and the undergraduates (those without the privilege to acquire degree on a study).

In Africa of today, take Nigeria as a case study, there is loudly resonating level of graduates unemployment. This has given rise to bogus rivalry between those privileged to become graduate and those who are not privileged; in terms of, which of the two varying paths is now worthwhile than the other.

From the onset, the voices of those who could not acquired school degree  or diploma had been of hate and jealousy whenever they wanted to talk about the issue of having a degree certificate but today, their voices has aggravated to that of pride, pomposity and arrogance whenever they harness the opportunity to talk about the issue of going to higher institute of learning to acquire degree.

Nowadays, they create unnecessary competition with any of their neighbors who happens to be either unemployed graduate or under-employed graduate. Some go to the extent of getting loans to surpass whatever material graduated-neighbors had acquired. On many occasions, direct and indirect derogatory utterances are never far from such people; you hear them say things like:-
"what nonsense paper does he/she carry?"
"they have vocabulary but nothing to show for"

The current condition of high level of unemployment has also discouraged many *shortsighted* parents; they now prefer to push their teenage wards into being commercial motorcyclist, commercial motorist, secondhand cloth hawking, NURTW ticket-boy, roadside vulcanizer, bricklayer, etc. One pathetic father was making noise one day, he was loudly saying "I planned that when my son complete his secondary school, I won't boarder think of UTME examination! He would rather learn fashion designing! At least, bulk of those who graduated from the higher institutions are jobless roaming the street!" I was coming from work that fateful afternoon, my mind was like "why are many parents so pessimistic? Why do they keep judging their own life with failure? Why have they failed to see bulk of graduates who are gainfully employed and reaping the fruit (B.A.) (B. Sc.) (M. Sc.) (Ph. D.)?

It's not surprising that the government of the day, is not even putting effort towards eliminating the skyrocketing unemployment in the country instead they preach self-employment which none of them practice.

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