For the past two weeks I have been receiving news update from a strange website with the URL eagleheadline.

Only God knows how their malicious software find a way into my mobile device and PC; a website I had never visited before not to mention suscribing for its updates. Though some of the updates were good but the majority were crappest of craps (which makes me wonder is this a news).
One of the reasons I detest all these mushroom news websites is because they are too lame (you view their sites and see posts like (a lady chop off a guy's manhood, a pregnant mad woman giving birth on a highway, blah blah blah).

Back to the matter, I decided to put an end to the unsolicited notifications that gush out each time I turn on my browsing access. At first I thought it was embedded in my chrome browser (so I searched thoroughly but nothing found) so I deleted chrome and opened my UC Browser but the same notification came up so I deleted UC but the same thing occurred on Safari which convinced me the issue wasn't with browser.

I traced it to my Apps (Menu ===> Setting ===> App ===> All)
Then I found an app called Notification

I have never seen it before or perhaps never noticed it which is because I never downloaded it myself. What did I do? I deleted it pronto.

The surprise is that after awhile when I checked my lists of Apps, it is there again which made me realise the App won't go away.

I then noticed that the box in front of "show notifications" was masked yes so I unmarked it. Like magic, unwanted notification from eagleheadline finally stopped but I still receive my normal needed notifications from gmail, whatsapp, crowdfire, evernotes, etc.

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